Dubailand: A world leading project in entertainment, shopping and sport

Dubailand Dubai

What is Dubailand?

Dubailand is intended to be the biggest amusement complex in the world with diversified tourist attractions, cultural centers, sport venues, shopping and recreational centers and residential areas. It will have in total 45 mega projects with 200 sub projects.

Dubailand is located on the Emirates Road, just 10 minutes from Dubai airport and 20 minutes from Sharjah. It’s also 60 minutes far from Abu Dhabi with a direct and easy access to the highway.

When will the project open?

The project started in 2003 but due to to the global recession, the development was stopped in 2008 and restarted in 2013. The opening is estimated for 2020

What will Dubailand include?

Dubailand is categorized into six zones:  Attractions and Experience World, Sports and Outdoor World, Eco-Tourism World, Themed Leisure and Vacation World, Retail and Entertainment World, and Downtown. Each zone or “world” will offer amazing experiences for visitors.

Attractions and Experience World:

On a total of 150 million square feet, this world will contain water parks, family attractions and cultural hubs such as Aqua Dubai, Aviation World, Great Dubai Wheel, Dubailand Theme Park, Kids World, Space and Science World, the Islamic Culture and Science World and more…

Sports and Outdoor World:

The Sports and Outdoor World will feature different sporting venues and fields such as cricket, rugby and golf. The venues will organize international and regional tournaments and sports programs.

The world will contain several projects such as The Plantation Equestrian & Polo Club, Dubai Sports City and Extreme Sports World.

Eco-Tourism World:

The Eco-Tourism World  will include immense natural spaces and desert-based attractions. It combines the nature and culture by unique activities and parklands. Some of those projects are Life World, Dubai Heritage Village, Al Barari, Safari Park and Tropical Village.

Themed Leisure and Vacation World:

This world is designed to be a perfect relaxation and well-being place with many stylish vacation village residences, resort hotels and spas. It will also contain health and fitness centers with high tech systems and stress-management facilities.

From the projects we find Andalusian Resort & Spa, The Indian Theme Resort, Thai Express Resort, The  and Silver Street Resort.

Downtown and Retail and Entertainment World:

The Downtown and Retail and Entertainment World will include a mix of shopping, dining and entertainment centers such as video games centers, cinemas, bowling and themed restaurants. It will be a dynamic and lively place day and night.

Shopping lovers will find their passion in this place with countless high end boutiques, luxury brands and discount stores.

The world will contain the City of Arabia, which is intended to be the biggest mall in the world, Dubai Bazaar, Virtual Games World, Dubai Outlet City, Restaurant Complex and Teen World.

What are the developed projects?

Few projects were opened in the Dubailand:

  • The Global Village: It’s a huge shopping and entertainment venue taking place from October to April each year. It brings shows, cultural activities,traditional cloths and goods, foods and drinks from many countries around the world to construct a charming global village. It’s an ideal family destination to enjoy musical performance, comedy and circus shows, amazing decorations and tasty food.

Global Village Dubailand Dubai

  • The autodrome in Motor City: A 5.93 km three racing circuits including an indoor and outdoor Kartdrome. It’s one of the most modern and thrilling racing circuits. The Motor City was designed to meet the safety requirements and it features the latest technology equipment.  

The autodrome in Motor City Dubailand

  • Els Club at Dubai Sports City: The Els Club Dubai is a luxury golf and leisure club for families and businesses. It includes 60,000-square-foot clubhouse with many restaurants, lounges and conference rooms.

There are also other attractions such as Cricket Stadium at Dubai sports City, Dubai Outlet Mall in Outlet City and Akoya Oxygen.

Dubai Outlet Mall Dubailand Dubai Outlet Mall

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