Why should you visit Dubai during Ramadan?

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the most important month in the muslims Calendar. The holy month of Ramadan is when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received his first revelations of the Holy Quran.

During this month, muslims should fast from food between sunrise and sunset and give donations (Zakat). They generally also do regular prayers at night, do more charity, act and dress more respectfully.  

Ramadan for muslims represents the month of generosity, humility, solidarity, worship and soul purification

When is Ramadan held?

The dates of Ramadan vary each year. As it’s based on the Islamic lunar calendar, it moves forward by 11 or 12 days from year to year. This year is estimated to start the 6th of June.

Why should you visit Dubai during Ramadan?

Ramadan is a very significant month for all muslims. The city will glow with joy and love and will vibe with music and colors until the sunrise. Everything transforms from locals, restaurants, streets, habits and even TV shows.

Numerous events, parties, street performances and collective dinners are organized each year. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn about the Islamic religion and the Emirati culture. You will have that great feeling that everyone is happy and they love and care for each other. You will live a real amazing cultural experience even by just strolling in Dubai streets and watching locals.

Can non-muslims face problems during Ramadan in Dubai?

Absolutely not. The one thing to keep in mind though is that eating, drinking, and smoking in public during the fast hours of the day is not allowed, and you could be pulled to the police station if you do so. Beside that, Dubai is an open city with millions of tourists and residents from different religions and nationalities.  

But visitors should know that businesses can restrict their opening hours. So they have to always check. Some shops and entertainment centers can close during the sunset time and many restaurants and cafés shut down to respect fasting people.

What are Ramadan Etiquettes?

Besides avoiding eating and drinking in public, you should keep in mind the following consideration:

  • Dress: It’s recommended to dress appropriately and avoid revealing clothes in public areas.
  • Greeting: It’s very appreciated to say “Ramadan Mubarak” or “Ramadan Kareem” when meeting people.
  • Public behavior: You should always show support for fasting people. Don’t act inappropriately, speak or put the music very loudly or display affection in public.

What are the cultural events and activities that  you can try in Ramadan?

Ramadan is the host of many related-activities, also, Dubai is known for the organization of different creative and amazing events. Here are what can you experience in Dubai:

  • The iftar and suhoor: Iftar is the meal eaten after the sunset and suhoor the meal eaten before the sunrise. It’s a very joyful moment for muslims, when they prepare many delicious food and eat with family and friends. Hotels and restaurants offer a wide range of traditional and Middle-eastern meals for the iftar and tasty beverages and sweets for the suhoor. They also prepare a special Arabic themed decoration and put oriental music. You can eat mouthwatering dishes in an authentic atmosphere.
  • Collective Iftar: Many organizations and even restaurants prepare a collective iftar for people, so they can live the warmth and charm of Ramadan. Charity organisztions prepare also iftar for poor people. It will be amazing if you attend or participate in such actions.
  • The Ramadan Night Market: The Ramadan Night Market is a huge and popular marketplace where you can find all types of goods: Cloths, gifts, jewelry, handicrafts, traditional items … There are also several entertaining activities.
  • Educational and religious activities: There are many educational sessions about the Islam and Ramadan, Quran recital competitions, and cultural events hosted by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding.
  • Eid al Fitr: Eid al Fitr is the mark of the end of Ramadan. It starts from the first day in the new month after Ramadan and the holidays lasts from 3 to 7 days. Eid al Fitr is a major celebration for all Muslim countries. People are full of joy, children wear new clothes, people buy gifts to each others and visit the family and beloved ones. Events, activities and celebrations don’t stop day and night. Many concerts and parties are organized for that event as well. 

Photo credit: www.visitdubai.com 

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