CES 2016, another reason to visit Las Vegas

As New Year is getting closer, it’s the season when everyone is making new resolutions. And in this technology-driven era, many believe that visiting the CES would be a resolution worth-making. International CES also known as the Consumer Electronics Show is a forty-year old platform held annually in January at the Convention Center in Las Vegas in the state of Nevada in the U.S.

Connecting companies and industry professionals, the show is, considered by many, a unique opportunity for networking, allowing these technology driven individuals and companies to get to gather and showcase their innovations and breakthrough technologies in a professional set up offered by the CES.


When? From 6 to 9 January 2016

What are the things you could do during CES?

  • Networking: The event is in fact a global floor for exhibiting companies, innovators, developers and consumers, thus considered as a unique convenience for those who are interested in getting in touch with manufacturers and companies representatives. In fact, the event is expected to host more than 150,000 attendees from more than 150 countries.
  • Testing:  There will be 3,600 companies exhibiting their latest products and innovations. As the event is going to host product release and announcements introducing new technologies
  • Exchanging: Providing a conference program offering more than 200 conference sessions, CES is believed to be a global platform where attendees are able to exchange their experiences, knowledge and ideas.
  • Learning: The show does not only host companies and innovative professionals only, but thanks to its forum, it is also an opportunity to learn from business leaders and pioneers from the technological industry as they gather and address the most recent matters of the field.

http://revision3.com/cesWhat should you do before you go?

A couple of things need to be taken care of before reaching the incredibly alive city of Las Vegas.

Registration: The user friendly website of International CES offers a unique and easy to use platform where you could register and get your tickets prior to the event in order to avoid the hassle of “last-minute” plans.


One thing to keep in mind while getting ready for the event, is accomodation. The Las Vegas region is going to get crowded as the event is expected to host a great number of attendees including more than 35,000 international visitors, there for, one should make sure to book a hotel prior to the departure as the procedure takes time in addition to the reservation price rates that are constantly increasing as January gets closer.

To assist its potential attendees, CES provides you with a list of the best hotels located around the Las Vegas Convention Center where the event is going to take place in January 2016. And in order to get your first choice at a convenient price, the sooner you book the better it is.

Here is a selection of a couple of hotels for you:

Caesars Palace:  Is one of the few selected hotels to host the CES attendees as it offers a unique service which quality would make your stay enjoyable and adventurous.

Caesars Palace hotel Las Vegas

Booking Caesars Palace hotel

Alexi Park resort: Minutes away from Mccarran airport and the Las vegas Convention Center, this resort is an option worth considering as it offers a different set of services that range from swimming pools, to a fitness center in addition to shuttle services.

Alexi Park resort Las Vegas

Booking Alexi Park resort

Circus Circus west side: Being at one mile from the Las Vegas Convention Center and a couple of minutes away from Downtown Las Vegas, this hotel is a resort offering a rounded experience thanks to the provided amenities it has. Not only does it offer meeting places and a unique cuisine, but it also has many seasonal pools in addition to hosting circus shows.

Circus Circus west side Hotel Las Vegas

Booking Circus Circus west side hotel

Where to go beside CES?

McCarran international Airport is one of the first encounters you would have with Las Vegas and it offers a great number of services that range from shopping to dining places in addition to gaming centers.

Restaurants: Many are the attractions that Las Vegas is known for, and restaurants are probably the ones that would make your stay a complete joy as food is ensured to surprise your palettes with the diverse cuisine types. Yet, it is important to place the dining reservations as soon as the accommodation and the plane tickets booked, since Las Vegas is known to be populus during the CES period.

Golf courts and shopping centers: Being a service oriented city, Las Vegas has everything you might be looking for during your trip attending CES, thus golfing and shopping are activities you can enjoy thanks to the many golf clubs and shopping malls and outlets near the Convention Center.

Live Shows: If this is your thing, then make sure to use the chance to see it all. Cirque Du Soleil, musicals, magic shows, and concerts. Las Vegas has it all.

http://thrivelasvegas.com/contact-us/Walk at night: Another thing you will enjoy is taking a walk at night and be amazed by the lighting city and decors it has. You will encounter street performers along the way to keep you entertained. If you like what you see, don’t forget to tip them as thanks, as this is their job. And make sure you make it to the Bellagio Fountain, where you’ll be amused by the waterplays going there all night.

Finally, the #CES2016 App is a great user-friendly tool for potential attendees who would love to keep track of the agenda for the event in addition to providing you with assisting notifications helping you get around Las Vegas and enjoy your stay to the fullest.


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