Best events of Dubai Global Village this weekend

Starting back in 1996, Global Village has grown to become Dubai’s most famous family attraction thanks to its diverse entertaining services. Ranging from cultural attractions, shopping centers and dining choices, Global Village of Dubai is again, in its 20th season, representing the different countries of the world.

Many are the reasons why Global Village is considered as one of the most interesting destinations for many Dubai visitors. Yet the most interesting one is the great number of possible events: Fireworks, children’s shows, great performances and concerts, many entertaining events are planned for you.

 Dubai Global village

See what are the best events of the Global village this weekend:  


Culture has always been part of the heritage of any nation, and celebrating it is Dubai’s Global Village expertise. Dreams is in fact one of the stage shows that can be enjoyed during the next couple of days. Being a family celebration, this show offers a unique adventurous Arabian story inspired by 1001 Arabian Nights. This stage show offers a unique marriage between fantasy and reality as it connects between many of the most popular myths of our historical stories.

Whether you are keen on stories about genies, princesses or magic, Dreams is the show you need, to get out of the reality of the world for a night and embark in the beauty and fairy of dreamland of Dubai.

Dreams Dubai Global villageBollywood Musical

In Global Village, art comes in all of its forms and dance cultural shows are as popular as music in Dubai. In fact, Bollywood Musical is a colorful show offering a unique mixture between the most popular songs from Bollywood and unique dance performances.

Bollywood Musical Dubai global village

Harbi Al Amri

Not only does Global Village offers a great number of shows with diverse focuses, what would celebrations and holidays be without the beauty of music? Thus, concerts are one of the many entertaining activities offered by Dubai’s attractive city. And Harbi AL Amri is one of the many artists that are present to make the adventure memorable, in addition to parades and fireworks.

Bollywood Stunt Show

Bollywood dancing choreographies are not the only thing visitors dream about seeing in Global Village. In fact, Bollywood Stunt shows are as popular as they offer attendees an exciting experience learning about the most popular stunts performed by the most known actors in your favorite movies.

Bollywood Stunt Show Dubai global villageIncredible are the entertaining activities that the visitors can enjoy during this unique exciting event, thus it’s important to prepare your visit as soon as possible and make your adventure start. And, in addition to Global Village being a must visit city, it offers you an easy procedure to get your experience started in a couple of clicks thanks to its user friendly website.

Further information about the global village:


Dubai’s Global Village has started on November 3rd 2015 and will end in April of the upcoming year.


Global village is spread all over 17,200,000sq ft on Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road (E 311); Exit 37; and its wide location allows the city to host annually over 5 million visitors.

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