The top 7 new year’s festivals

New Year’s Eve is a very important and big event for all of us. For such a day, you have to be full of hope, joy, excitement and optimism. And in order to spend a special day, you should be on the right place with the right people.

Let’s see together some of the most recommended places to visit, where there will be a great festival welcoming the New Year.

Dubai, UAE

This modern city is considered as the trendiest destination for the New Year’s Eve. As usual, Dubai prepares for its visitors extraordinary events. From the organization to the fun, the astonishment is guaranteed.

You will be able to watch a ceremony of extensive fireworks shows in three of the most famous Dubai locations: The Palm Jumeirah, The Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab.

But expect the mess and crowds in those areas and along the Sheikh Zayed road. The traffic is incredible. You can miss the show getting stuck in the street. So book in advance a hotel near to the fireworks locations or come very early, even before 4 pm to ensure an available parking place.

You can also live an unparalleled experience by enjoying New Year’s Eve Dinner Cruise along the Palm Jumeirah. For a fancy experience, you can have a private cruise or rent a yacht. If you are a resident, you can book a ride with RTA on the Dubai ferry or Abra starting from 10 pm.

Moreover, you can enjoy fireworks from a rooftop restaurant and treat yourself with a gala dinner where the lovely music, great shows, and mouthwatering food are packaged for you.

New York City, New York

There are many parties and ceremonies where to celebrate the New Year, but Time Square is the most famous and traditional place, where the majority of people want to be on that special day.

The streets are still decorated with christmas shining lights. You will be surrounded by smiling faces and you will be able to watch many mind blowing shows. a great night, keep in mind those tips:

  • Public transports will run on a less frequency as usual. By noon public life will be almost shut down.
  •  The streets will be increasingly closing for vehicles from the 43rd Street and Broadway going north to 59th Street starting from 3pm, the time when celebrants starts to gather on Time Square.
  •  If you wish to reach Time square for celebration, you have access to enter only from the Sixth or Eighth Avenue.
  • The earlier you arrive, the better viewing spot near the Ball you will have.
  • There is a viewing area for the disabled in 44th Street and Broadway.
  • Please note that there are limited places, first come first served. de Janeiro, Brazil

The New Year’s Eve celebration in Rio de Janeiro is unique. Locals and tourists, old and young, men and women, all together gather on the city’s beaches, dressing on white, as a symbol of good luck. Then, they start throwing flowers on the sea at midnight.

After that the parties begin! fireworks, music, dancing, and fun till the sun rises.

Every area of the city is shaking, but the biggest host of New Year’s celebration and one of the largest in the world is Rio’s Copacabana Beach.

Go since the evening to ensure a great viewing spot of the fireworks and join the fun from the beginning. Don’t take valuable items with you. Wear old and cheap clothes and comfortable shoes covering your feet. The festive people, sand and sea can dirty your clothes. If you want to save on super expensive restaurants, take your food with you. After the party, don’t expect to find a cab so stay in a near café or restaurant for a while.'s-eve-in-rio-de-janeiroLondon, England

This is where you will be able to see one of the most beautiful fireworks shows ever. All people are gathered around the Thames River, waiting for midnight to watch the colorful show exploding from the Big Ben Tower and the famous London Eye.

The top views are from Westminster Bridge,  Victoria Embankment, Waterloo Bridge and Southbank behind the London Eye.

You have to buy a ticket to enjoy the best viewing locations. Places are limited, so if you didn’t buy it yet hurry! The ticket price is £10 and only booked from the official UK agency.

If you won’t be able to find a strategic place near the river to enjoy the show, then you may watch everything on a big screen in Trafalgar and Parliament squares.

Remember that London will be very busy in this festal night: The central bridges are closed from 4 pm, some roads are closed, streets and subways are very crowded and the public transport system may operate differently. But it will be free all the night from 11:45 pm to 4:30 am.

Arrive as early as possible and be always updated with changements and regulations information., France

Paris or  the city of lights will be shining like a diamond with all the spots, lights, and fireworks shows.

Thousands of people will be gathered in the Champs-Élysées for a great view to the marvelous shining Eiffel Tower.

Montmartre Sacré Coeur plaza, where you can enjoy spectacular views of Paris, is also, a popular place for celebrations.

After midnight, the majority of citizens tend to go home for a family dinner. But there are also many shows and ceremonies, the restaurants will be crowded too. So you need to make a reservation for your after midnight plans. Also, it’s too hard to find a taxi by that time., Japan

Tokyo is considered one of the best cities to celebrate the New Year. All the streets, restaurants, and clubs are full of people.

And it’s not only on the New Year’s Eve, but starting from the 29th till the 3rd or the 4th of January.

Eating buckwheat noodles, watching Fireworks, and hearing the Temples’ bells down counting till midnight are the Japanese New Year’s celebration traditions.

The most popular areas with parties are Shinjuku and Shibuya: Near to train stations and full of activities. the high buildings and small fireworks, it’s quite difficult to guarantee a good viewing spot. So if you want to see fireworks, it’s better to book in advance for a specific show or in a near hotel.

Disneyland, is one of the best places to watch a show in the new year Eve. Every part of the wonderland: Epcot, the magic kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, have an exceptional firework display. The fireworks are so intense and impressive that you will forget the masses.

All of the public transport network is crowded too, before and after the show. Try to walk as much as you can instead of taking fast shuttles., Spain

Celebrating the New Year in Madrid is so special. Citizens welcome the coming year by eating 12 grapes at midnight. For the best of luck in the new year, you should finish swallowing the 12 grapes on the right time.

In Madrid, all people are gathered in the Puerta del Sol plaza next to the clock. And in Barcelona, they gather at the Plaza de Catalunya in order to watch the beautiful fireworks, have fun and enjoy the music.

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