7 best Christmas markets around the world

Christmas is only few days away, so let’s see some of the most glamorous cities during Christmas, and have an overlook about the beauty and charm of each one of them.

Vienna, Austria:

Each year, Vienna with the decoration added to its great architecture, becomes like a wonderland. It’s like a magical spell has been thrown on it to make it as fascinating as possible.

The Rathaus, which is Vienna’s town hall, makes everyone impressed by its brightness. Rathausplatz is where the city’s largest Christmas market is located. Vienna is famous with its Christmas Markets, as the main shopping streets become like wearing a fairy’s dress. The vendors will be selling handicrafts and gifts, restaurants will be full of visitors, and the streets will be 24 hours a day crowded.


London, UK:

The beautiful London is opening her hands and is welcoming all of you for a magnificent decoration and captivating illuminations.

Known by the famous Shopping area, Oxford Street, the glowing decoration with different colors and captivating lights will be set for more than 1.5 miles. Also the Regent Street and Covent Garden will be beautifully decorated.


Prague, Czech Republic:

Prague has already all what it take to captivate visitors and make them overwhelmed by its beauty. What if this gorgeous city puts on the glossiest decoration? Marvelous scene!

You can’t visit Prague during Christmas without going to its biggest and oldest Christmas market. It’s located in the Old Town Square. There are also other attractive markets such as those held in Wenceslas Square and Namesti Miru.

In Prague, we will celebrate Christmas with delicious pastry, nice music, buying gifts to make others happy, and the famous Santa Claus.

https://www.reddit.com/r/europe/comments/2m9zdc/ultimate_christmas_markets_guide/Dubai, UAE:

It’s known that the temperatures during Christmas season are on the average of the 20s in Dubai.

So no snow falling, no snowman can be made, no skating!  Well no, this is not the case in Dubai. You will be experiencing Christmas with all its characteristics and charm. The snow is made by a machine to make kids enjoy making snowmen and skating.

Hotels, restaurants, Malls, attraction parks… all of them will have the Christmas theme. Decorated Christmas trees will be everywhere, plenty of vendors of decorations and gifts will be at your service. In the UAE, people from all over the world with all different religions, will be celebrating Christmas and enjoy the joy and illumination brought by this festival.


New York, US:

New York or the city that never sleeps, will not sleep for sure in Christmas. The celebration traditions remain the same each year. The majority of people are gathered in the Rockefeller Center, which will be the heart of the celebration.

The huge Christmas tree of the city is as usual located in the Rockefeller Center shining like a piece of jewelry. The white snow is falling smoothly like dancing on the rhythm of Christmas songs, just like the dancing of the skaters on the famous ice rink.

And this is not all. There will be plenty of funny street performances, lots of vendors selling all kind of goods (gifts, food, drink, clothes…), in addition to the exciting horse-drawn carriage rides.

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland:

As per the legend, the North Pole is considered the home of Santa Claus. It’s where he lives officially and from where he start going around the world each year to distribute gifts to children.

So the Finns prepare Christmas like not any other city. Each year, the white cold city becomes the most brilliant city in the world.

It’s a great village that offers to its visitors a lot of entertainment.  Selective museums like the Snow Globe Museum and The Arktikum science center, varied winter activities and attractions such as:

The Ranua Zoo: You will enjoy seeing baby polar bears, moose and wolverines.

The Sirmakko reindeer farm:  Experience something new and take a sled-led reindeer safari.

http://www.tourismontheedge.com/hidden-places/europe/traveling-santa-claus-village-lapland-christmas-traditions-finland.htmlNuremberg, Germany:

Christmas celebrations is the best time to visit  Nuremberg during the year. The city becomes more brilliant and marvelous.

Nuremberg contains one of the oldest and wonderful Christmas markets in Germany. Enjoy walking through the alleys of the eye-catching old town of Bavaria where you will find many captivating things exposed for you on stalls.

All kinds of goods will be offered like Christmas decoration needs, traditional products, Lebkuchen (famous local gingerbread), high-quality handicrafts and more.

You should not miss visiting the Toy Museum, where you will be able to see the famous toy making traditions of Nuremberg.


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