Dubai Shopping festival 2016

The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the most famous festivals that take place in Dubai. This year will be the 21st anniversary of the event. Tourists, designers, fashionistas and shopping lovers, will all be there to enjoy the gorgeous Dubai and enjoy the latest high fashion.

If you are shopaholic or just like shopping, fashionable, and trendy, then come to the Middle East’s biggest shopping festival. Here you will be amazed by the best deals and greatest promotions ever. And that’s not everything. All the family members will be delighted by the performances and shows planned that will take place during the whole period of the festival.

Let’s see below more details and information about Dubai shopping festival.

What to expect?

For a whole month, the Dubai Shopping Festival will be taking place and is considered as one of the longest events in the area. It includes many events and shows.


In the Dubai Shopping Festival you can find any kind of goods or products you wish to buy. From housing equipment, kids toys, cars and their accessories, and all kind of clothes from casual to formal. It’s the best opportunity for you to buy what you wish at the lowest costs. There will be lot of offers, remarkable discounts, big promotions, and too many gifts and entertainments.

There are two main places from where you can do your shopping:


The malls in Dubai will be full of products and accessories. All the famous brands products will be available at an unbelievable price. The staff is ready to receive the huge number of clients and make sure to provide the best services to them.


Souks are the source of traditional products that take you back to the origins. The place is always crowded especially the Gold Souk, where you will find all kinds of jewelry and gemstones.  Also the famous Spice Souk where you will find all kinds of spices, and where you can enjoy their lovely smells mixed together.


Are you ready for the entertainment, fun, and pleasure? you should, as the amusement is going to be everywhere!

Each day, you will enjoy watching the astonishing fireworks shining in the sky of Dubai. 

Very talented musicians performing live just for you, bands as well as solos. Jugglers and street performers are making funny and amazing shows to entertain you and your family.

The cultural centers will indoor too many shows.

Be ready for differentiated fashion shows where worldwide models will show the latest trends of clothes. From all over the world, you will get to know what are the new season’s best colors, style, and outfits. There will be also too many games and prizes. Who knows, you may go home with a new car or one kilo of gold!


Friday, 1st January 2016 – Monday, 1st February 2016


Mall of Emirates, Dubai Shopping Mall


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