The 7th Art Abu Dhabi 2015 – 2016

The Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority is as usual making great cultural programs for you. With the cooperation of the Image Nation Abu Dhabi, they have launched “The 7th Art”, a special event for those who are interested in Cinema and its history.

The program’s name, “The 7th Art”, is quoted from the title Ricciotto Canudo, the Italian theoretician, has given to Cinema. As it is a mixture of all other 6 Arts (music, dance, poetry, painting, sculpture, and architecture) in one.

Let’s take a deeper look at this event and have a better idea about the programs schedule offered to you.The 7th Art Abu Dhabi 2015 2016   What to expect?

The 7th Art consists of series of screenings, lectures and discussions reflecting film history, and how it is related to all the other arts. The program is being under the auspices of the skilled and famous film history analyst, Peter Scarlet. He will be the host, presenting the film, and animating the event with discussions and Q&A’s.

This event has a great role to aware audience about the importance, evolution, and interaction of arts in culture. Cinema is not anymore screened in its usual classical context. With the 7th Art, it reflects the full story of films, how filmmaking, the power of cinema and its effect on all generations, and its role in developing creativity, awareness, and love of arts.

In this event, as an audience, you won’t be just watching. You will be interacting with professional guests’ speakers as well as Peter Scarlet. You can ask about all the details, have a better idea of how that special kind of art was made. You will be also involved in interesting discussions about each film historical context, dimensions, and lessons behind.

This beautiful mixture of cinema and arts will make you impressed and wanting to travel back to the 1920s.

Let’s see below the full program schedule and other details.


Started on the 11th Oct, 2015

Ending on the 24th Jan, 2016. 


Abu Dhabi: Manarat Al Saadiyat.

Program schedule:

The STORY OF FILM, episodes 1, 2, 3 & 4 and THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI (Expressionism) have been already screened in October and earlier this month.

The films that are not yet shown are:

  • 24th November: Faces of Children (Impressionism)
  • 6th December: Story of Film, episodes 5&6

(Post-War Cinema 1940’s & Sex and Melodrama 1950’s)

  • 20th December: Blood of a Poet and An Andalusian Dog (Surrealism)
  • 10th January: Story of Film, episodes 7&8

(European New Wave 1960’s & New Directors, New Form 1960’s)

  • 24th January: Picasso and Braque go to the Movies and Ballet Mécanique (Cubism)

Tickets Prices:

Free entry: Seats are available on the basis of “First come, first served”!

So you need to make a Prior registration.

Additional Information:

  • The film screening will be at 7:30 pm each Sunday except for “Faces of Children”, which will be displayed on a Tuesday.
  • The films will be subtitled in English and Arabic.
  • Please send an email to for registration.

The 7th Art Abu Dhabi 2015 2016