Bruges travel Tips

If you need a short break or a peaceful escape, Bruges will meet your expectations. It’s a medieval city with romantic canals, cobbled streets and traditional houses.

Everything here makes you blissful and restful: The relaxing atmosphere, willow trees, good cafes and rich chocolate.

This guide of Bruges essential travel tips and information will help you prepare an even better trip to the gem of Belgium.

canal boat tour Burges BelgiumWhen to go in Bruges?

Summer is an ideal time for visiting Bruges. It’s not very hot neither crowded. Temperatures range between 18 and 21°C and it’s more cooler at evenings. The natural landscapes are spectacular and visitors can enjoy many outdoor activities. 

Spring and fall are chiller and hotels propose very interesting offers.

Tourists avoid traveling to Bruges during the winter. It’s frosty and snowy.

Is Bruges safe?

Belgium in general, and Bruges in particular is a very safe city to visit or to live in.

It’s a small city with low population. Locals are friendly and policemen are vigilant. Of course you should stay vigilant to avoid pickpocketing.  Don’t walk alone late at night or in quiet areas.

Bruges is a peaceable and romantic city, apply general caution and everything will be fine.

How to get around in Bruges?

Bruges is a large charming village comparing to big tourist cities.

The historic center is small and enjoyable to walk on foot. Cycling is a pleasant way to discover the city too. It’s very common: The majority of citizens cycle, cycling roads are numerous and bike rental points are spread over the city. There are also many guided bike tours to explore the city with a local guide and a group of tourists. Prices are €4 per hour and €12 per day. The only inconvenient are the cobbled streets that make the riding uncomfortable.

The only available mode of public transport is the bus, there are no trams or metros. You can buy tickets on the bus, but it’s cheaper from the De Lijn sales points or tickets machines. The one way ticket costs 1.30€, 2€ on the bus. The day pass valid for all zones costs 7€ for adults and 4.5€ for children.

Taxis are available but unnecessary. Driving in not recommended too. The old town streets are narrow, many roads are one way only and parking is expensive and limited.

Bruges BelgiumEssential Bruges tips:

  • As mentioned Bruges is a walkable city, so wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for the cobbled streets.
  • Many restaurants, cafes and shops close on Monday instead of Sunday
  • Bruges is known for its delicious chocolate. There are many sweets shops, but it’s always better to taste and choose your selection instead of buying a packaged one. Note that sometimes chocolate includes amount of alcohol.
  • Bruges city card allows you to visit 27 tourist attractions and museums for free, in addition to canal trips from March to november. It also offers a 25% discount on buses tickets price, concerts, theater performances, bike rentals and other attractions. The card costs € 46 for 48 hours and € 49 for 72 hours.
  • Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is just one hour by train. Think of a one day trip or short visit to Brussels. It really is worth it.
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