Salzburg travel guide – Restaurants

Dining in one of Salzburg top restaurants is a magnificent experience in itself. The chefs are talented, the venues are splendid and the food is appetizing.

You have a wide range from cuisines and styles to choose from, but make sure you don’t miss our superb selection of restaurants.

Restaurant wasserfall: Italian

Located in a beautiful green area, Wasserfall restaurant is a famous Italian restaurant in Salzburg. It offers a comprehensive menu from the mediterranean cuisine including traditional Italian dishes and seasonal dishes in Autumn. The fresh meals are prepared with finesse and tact using the best ingredients.

The atmosphere is convenient and the prices are affordable. The restaurant is always busy. You should make a reservation online or by phone prior going. bay: Japanese

Here is Japan: The modernity, the traditional cuisine and the singular ambiance.

The place is stylish and amazing. Everything is contemporary: The design, the equipments. You can make your order via the touch screen from some tables and watch the chef preparing the plates.

Among the wide and special combination of Japanese specialities they serve, Sushi and Teppan-Yaki are the most popular. In addition to the classic meals, they mix different ingredients and flavors and try new recipes to create creative culinary delights.

There is also a classy lounge, suitable for friends or couples to enjoy a pleasant evening. It serves delicious drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails. Triangel Restaurant: Austrian, European

In the Triangle restaurant, you will not only have a nice dinner but also discover the Austrian culture: The generous portions, the soothing atmosphere and the excellent service.

The dishes are multiple: You can try a new authentic Austrian meal or taste your favorite European food cooked in their way.

Sometimes you can find free space, but make a reservation to ensure availability.

ARGE Beisl: Budget

If you are looking for a nice and cheap restaurant in Salzburg, this is the right place for you.

Situated in the lovely district Salzburg Nonntal, it has a large terrace and welcoming staff.  The service is rapid and effective. It offers varied food from the international cuisine. Also it serves vegetarian meals and seafood.

It  has all to satisfy all the tastes with special offers for students. There is also the possibility to organize private parties and celebrations.

Restaurant Esszimmer: Luxurious

Esszimmer is the restaurant of every season. During summer, enjoy the sunshine and the lively movement of tourists on the patio. While in winter, enjoy the fancy furniture and charming music inside the restaurant.

In any time, you will live an unforgettable experience. The place is catchy and sophisticated and the service is world-class. You will absolutely feel comfortable and glad. The menu is daily changing and every plate is mouthwatering. The way of decorating and presenting the meals is creative and artistic. Beccofino: Halal

Ristorante Beccofino is an Italian restaurant but it also has a special halal menu card. It serves different types of food to satisfy all guests like: Gluten free, Lactose free, Fish and vegetables.

The food is palatable and fresh but you will adore the Italian dishes. They are original, varied and very tasteful.

The family running the restaurant is welcoming and friendly. The place is simply decorated and the atmosphere is homey.

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