Stockholm travel guide – Essential tips

The city of fourteen islands will absolutely amaze you by it’s fabulous sightseeing, culture and nature. Surrounded by the beauty everywhere, you will feel the true happiness and enchantment.

 Don’t let anything ruin this amazing feeling and read all what you need to know before travelling to Stockholm in this comprehensive guide.

When to go?

The best time to visit Stockholm is the summer. The weather is warm and sunny and the tourist attractions extend their operating time. The average temperatures range between 17 18°C.

But since Stockholm is situated on the north, the sunlight lasts about twenty four hours during summer, specifically in June. Some travels find this phenomena a quality however others prefer admiring the city at the dark.

During spring and fall, the weather is cold but endurable. The countryside is sappy, the flowers are blooming but some attractions close.

The winter is extremely cold and temperatures fall to -4°C. Hotels and airlines fares are much cheaper but it’s not recommended to visit Stockholm during winter unless you’re a winter sports fan.

Stockholm Sweden 7ojozat It is safe?

Stockholm is for sure a safe city. But general precautions in major cities apply in Stockholm too.

– You should avoid quit streets and be careful in the crowded places like festivals and trains.

– Be vigilant when paying with credit card and don’t go to Stockholm central station late at night. It’s the warm house of homeless.

– Don’t be an easy target: If you are lost, try to stay calm and look for an information office to ask for directions. If you don’t find one, ask workers in shops or supermarkets or families but don’t randomly ask anyone.

– If you need to use money don’t get out your wallet and show all what you have.

Stockholm Sweden 7ojozat How to get around?

Stockholm has one of the best transport systems around the world. It’s efficient, punctual and clean. The system is composed of subways, metros, trains and buses.

– The quickest method to get around is the subways. The buses take longer routes but offer you the chance to contemplate the beauty of Stockholm. The system works late at night and 24 hours on fridays and saturdays.

– It’s recommended to buy the metro blue smart card from the stations for unlimited ride. You can choose the number of days according to your stay and save money.

– The one day pass is for 115 SEK however the week pass is for 300 SEK.

– You can also travel by ferries between islands or by boats for a more comfortable experience.

– Avoid the cabs. They are really expensive and you don’t really need it since the subway takes you in any area of the city. Otherwise, make sure you choose a reputed company like Taxi Stockholm or Taxi 020. The small companies have high rates and non English speaker drivers.

Stockholm Sweden 7ojozat Essential tips:

  • Consider purchasing the Stockholm pass.  It gives you a free access to the top attractions, the city museums, hop on hop off buses, sightseeing by boats and public transport. You will benefit also from discounts on restaurants and shops. There are one to four days passes. The price of the pass is 545 SEK for 24 hours and 890 SEK for 96 hours days.
  • Dining out in Stockholm is very expensive and traditional food is special. So check the menu and the prices before reserving and ask about the ingredients before ordering.
  • There is a Wi-fi internet in public areas like cafes, stations or public areas but it costs 50 SEK per hour.
  • Always carry change, you need it to use public facilities.
  • Stockholm is an expensive destination, always expect that you will spend more than planned. Take extra money for emergencies.
  • At train stations, you will see two different logos: “SJ” for long distance trains and “SL” for local trains. If you are travelling between cities, it’s better to buy your ticket in advance, online.

Stockholm Sweden 7ojozat

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