20 packing tips you should know before you travel

Packing has been always a problem for most travelers thinking about the limited kilos, the need of room for souvenirs and hassles in public transport with bulky heavy bags. Whether this is your first or 10th trip, every new journey needs a customized checklist depending on the destination, climate, number of days and activities planned.

It’s always said “ Pack light !” But it’s not evident with the numerous needs and necessities. In this guide, we will share with you our 20 tips to “pack smart” for you next trip:packing problems1-  For fashion addict: Don’t pack many clothes, you will not wear them all. When your bag is full, you will not waste the time looking for the clothes in the bottom instead you will wear the first thing you find and run to explore your destination. Besides, it’s not that harm to wear the same trousers or shoes twice. You can smartly change the combinations of the same clothes to look different. Also, book a hotel offering an express laundry service.

2- If you are planning fashion shopping: Take the minimum and make your shopping in the first days of your trip. Like that, you will wear your new clothes during the rest of the trip.

Shopping travel tourism3- About the shoes: Forget about taking many. You will always use the most comfortable ones. Avoid high heels, big hiking boots and flip- flops (They are light but not that comfortable) Instead, take light running shoes and sandals. If possible, wear the heaviest shoes during your flight, and save the space in the bag. Or even better, just use that one!

4- In winter: Of course a compact umbrella but no more than one heavy coat and long boots.

5- In summer: With your light cloths, take a jacket and a long sleeves shirt or T shirt. The weather can go crazy. Also you can get cold at night, in airports, on the plane or air conditioned buses. For the hot weather, avoid jeans and take hats.

6- On the beach: See how conservative your destination is and choose your swimsuit. A sarong is always useful.

packing summer trip7 – Medical kit: Take only the necessities like antibiotics, allergies and calming medications. Pharmacies are everywhere. Think only of what you need: A lip balm, a sun cream, plasters, insect bites treatment, a digital thermometer?

8 – The toiletries kit: It should include you shampoo, conditioner, body gel, toothpaste and toothbrush, shaving cream and machine, perfumes and deodorants. You can find those items in the first supermarket you face but think about the first night, other circumstances or maybe some destinations don’t sell your favorite brands. In super luxurious hotels, they offer a good quality of toiletries.

9 – Beauty and accessories: Take only the daily makeup, unless you a have special occasion. You won’t have the time to try a hundred type of nail polishes, eye shadows and beauty masks. Don’t take heavy and expensive accessories. Keep it simple.

Make up travel pack10- For safety: Padlock to close bags and protect valuable items. Don’t take expensive or precious items. The attractive accessories or super fancy clothes will only bring troubles.

11- For sleeping: Earplugs and eye mask are needed for long flights and even in some hotels situated in busy areas. The travel pillow is comfortable but take place. Some airlines provide very relaxing travel pillows.

12- If you’re travelling with children: Hygiene first: babies shampoos, Wet-Wipes and hands synthesizer. Take some snacks for the long trip, toys, colored books and video games.

More about tips of travelling with kids here.

Tips for a joyful and safe trip with kids13- If you are travelling for a business purpose: A couple of porefessional costumes or dresses are needed but try to take shoes that fits all. Little details, like scarfs, ties and accessories can make you look elegant and different. Don’t forget your business cards.

14- If you are a student: Make an international student ID and take it with you. You will benefit from interesting discounts for transport and attractions.

15- If you’re on a budget: When restaurants are expensive for you, you will think of plan B. Take your plastic water bottle, a bowl for cereals, a fork, knife and spoons. Take a good quality plastic ones, light and disposable.

16- If you’re going to a hostel or a cheap hotel: it’s preferable to take your own towels, light cotton sheets and pillow covers. Some of them are not that clean even if they look so. Also, take bath paper and basic toiletries. You may need a universal drain stopper to take a shower or wash your cloths. Some hostels don’t have stoppers.

disposable plastic  pack travel budget17- Papers: The insurance, copies of passports, IDs, car driving licence and VISAs, a notebook and a pen, boarding passes, authorisations or invitation letters if needed. Avoid heavy guided books. Take your own notes or upload tourist guides applications or ebooks.  

Keep the receipts when you buy something. You may need it if you will return it or refund taxes at the airport.

18- Electronics: A music player is a must. Sometime you want to contemplate an amazing view and listen to your favorite music. So inspirational! Also to avoid bad noises in trains or public places. A smartphone become more and more indispensable for travellers with the numerous helpful mobile apps, and it usually doubles as music player. Add to that a noise cancelling headset for better flight experience. A power bank is important too, if you use your smartphone a lot. A laptop may be useful if you have work or to upload photos. Some countries have different plugins, so you need an adapter. Verify that you did put your chargers and cables. Also, check the voltage power. It may be different than your country, and can be insufficient, or too strong for your local device.

19- Make you own organized packing system: It’s not only about the weight. The big problem is the space. If you arrive to arrange all what you need in the minimum space you are a genius. From the packing systems, many roll the clothes, others fold clothes together, put related items of shoes in small bags and compress them. Depending of what you take, think of how you could arrange together to fill all the unitized free spaces of your bag, carry on bag, laptop bag or hand bag.

20- On board: You can’t to pack creams, gels  or liquids of more than 100 millilitres even water. Also dangerous items or animal food. Check the airlines to company website for special requests.

However, don’t put your valuable items in the checked luggage. 

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