Berlin travel guide – Essential tips

No matter how many days you planned to spend in Berlin, you will always find plenty of interesting activities to do! It’s the land of history, modernity and vibes. So you won’t waste any time lost in the train stations or stuck in your room because of the bad weather.

We have for you the essential tips and tricks to make the most of your trip in the city that never sleeps.

It is safe?

Berlin is a very safe city. Safeguards in the stations and policemen are always on service. There are watching cameras in the underground U- bahn and the stations. It’s also safe to walk around at night. Tourist areas and restaurants are always full and vibrant.

Of course, stay away from the quiet areas at night, dark parks and the neo-Nazi areas. before booking, search for the hotel location and see if it’s safe. Pick pocketing and theft exist like in any big touristy city. Stay vigilant, split your cash and take only necessities with you.

When to go?

Summer is the best season to visit Berlin. It’s where gardens are green, streets are vibrant, the lakes are perfect for swimming. It’s when numerous of outdoor activities and open air events present. July and August may be too hot but you can always expect rain and change in weather. So always be prepared and check the weather before your departure.

In October and November, the weather is rainy and the sky is grey. You will miss the city charm and beauty.

Avoid the winter. It’s snowy, freezing and rainy. Unless you will benefit from the low rates, the museums away from the crowd and good shopping.

Berlin Television Tower

How to get around?

Berlin transport system is organized, fast and punctual. Although you will need to use more than one mean of transport to get to your destination. So make sure you understand the connections between the underground, the trams, the trains and the buses. Berlin is a tourist city so asking people about directions will not always help you because many of them just don’t know. So try to read the map or use mobile applications and you will easily understand the system.

You can buy your ticket from the ticket machines available in any station or in the bus. A single ticket for AB zone costs 2.7 € and valid for only three underground or S-Bahn stations. So to save money and time, it’s better to purchase a 4 Short-trip tickets valid for 2 hours for 5.6 € or a one day pass for 6.9 € . If you’re staying for a week, the best option is to purchase a 7 days pass for 29,50 €.

You need to validate your ticket in the validation machine in the station or in the tram or bus. Controllers are wearing plain clothes and the fine if they catch you is 40 Euros.

On weekdays the last train or subway operates at 1 am and the buses cover the night hours.

Another efficient way of getting around, is biking. Nothing easier than renting a bike in Berlin. You can find them anywhere and prices are from 10€ to 14€ in average. Cycling is very common and it’s an enjoyable activity in itself. With the high number of cyclists and bike roads, it’s easy to bike in Berlin.

Taxis fares are reasonable. They are available an easily noticeable but avoid them on traffic hours.

From the airport, the directions are simple to follow to get your destination. Normally you take the bus to the train station where you switch.

Berlin Germany

Essential tips:

  • You should always have coins with you. Many machines like luggage locker, public restrooms accept only coins. The ticket machines accept coins and bills of 5 or 10 euro only.
  • Sometimes, there are construction in the tram or train system so they change the road or stop. Try to always have a map or internet connection and don’t put yourself in hard situations: like going to new places at night or planning many activities in a small time.
  • The Hauptbahnhof station which means “ the main train station” is really huge. If you are travelling by train, go one hour in advance and ask in the information office about the platform or anything you need.
  • Don’t ever buy a regional ticket on the day of your departure. Buy it online and well in advance. You will save up to hundreds of euros!
  • Some basic german words should be learnt. At least, greetings and the station and street names. Many workers and locals don’t understand English. Also, In the public transport, they announce changements and updates in German. Ask people about what the announcement about, it may be very important.
  • The majority of shops are closed on Sunday
  • Berliners are known for their simplicity and well behave. They also wear  comfortable and non branded clothes. try to wear comfortable shoes, cheap clothes to enjoy the city and don’t attract the thieves attention.
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