Madrid travel guide – Restaurants

Madrid is a big peppy city where you will be surrounded by great buildings, nice gardens, many artists and art galleries, Museums and splendid monuments. And to make your stay as exceptional and lovely as you want, you should not miss going to the top restaurants in Madrid and taste the different famous meals.

Below are the most recommended restaurants where you will go through the world cuisines.

Spanish Cuisine (Traditional Food): Corral de la Morería

You should definitely visit this flamenco restaurant as it’s considered the best one in Madrid.

You will be enjoying two things at the same time: The great show with impressive dancing performance, great singing, amazing music and the delightful and pleasant food. You can go for dinner here as couples, families or friends, the place is convenient and enjoyable for everyone.

The service is perfect; everything is well organized from the show to the staff. Although the restaurant is always crowded, your order will be served in a short time. Cuisine: Vecchia Milano

Italian food lovers should absolutely pass by the Vecchia Milano restaurant where they will feel in the heart of Italy, tasting an authentic Italian meal. As the restaurant offers the real Italian food with all its flavors. But the best plates it serves are the Spaghetti, lasagna and pizza,…

The food is served in a dexterous way, the meals are appetizing and the staff is cool. Cuisine: Al-Fanus

It’s one of the most famous Arabic restaurants in Madrid. Anyone who has visited Al-Fanus restaurant has been fascinated by the savory dishes offered. The staff is very friendly and tries to make you comfortable and satisfied. You can feel the Arabic atmosphere with the music played, the decoration and of course the smell of the place.

In addition to the great food and dessert, there is also the famous Arabic shisha, the Arabic café and the special Arabic tea, which you can order after enjoying your meal. Cuisine: Alright Restaurant

If you are looking for the best place to eat Burgers, Fries, ribs, and other American dishes, then this is the right destination for you. The restaurant is very clean and modern. It’s decorated with photos that gives an American feeling to the place.

The food is absolutely well made and very delicious. The family that runs the restaurant is very cheerful and tries to make the customers satisfied and happy while enjoying the perfectly made meals. restaurant: DSTAGE

It’s an exceptional restaurant opened by the famous Spanish chef Diego Guerrero. The restaurant is decorated in a creative and unique way. It  makes you feel like you are sitting in a food industry. It also has the modern aspect as the kitchen, tables, and the walls ornament are very stylish.

The customers are able to see how the food is prepared in the kitchen and how their meals get ready. The dishes are tasty and made in a masterly way of the chef.

You will have an extraordinary time by going the Dstage restaurant.

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