Salzburg travel guide – Essential tips

Mozart’s hometown continues to seduce million of visitors with inveterate fortress, great spires, baroque buildings and amazing Alpine landscape. And you too, will fall in love with this small gem in central Europe and its charming sightseeing.

Salzburg is safe, easy to get around and beautiful in every season. But let’s get to know this city better to have an enjoyable and smooth trip.

It is safe?

Salzburg is one of the safest and peaceful cities in Europe. The tourist areas are very protected but it’s always important to stay cautious and attentive. Stay vigilant in the crowded areas, avoid drunken crowds and keep your valuable items in the hotel.

If you are going to climb the mountain alone, search before about the area and don’t go to dangerous place alone and make sure that your travel insurance cover all types of accidents.

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When to go?

Salzburg has a mild and moderate climate, making it amazing to visit any time of the year. Although you should be going there expecting a bit of rain, even during summer.

But the best time to visit it is September, right after the peak season in July and August. It’s when the temperatures and hotel prices drop and you can enjoy the beauty of the city in less crowd.

In winter, the city is picturesque with the snow and the view from the mountain is breathtaking while the weather is not very cold.

How to get around?

Salzburg is a small walkable city with a central old town. Further attractions can be reached by bus, but it is advisable to get your own car if you want to reach the different attractions outside the city, as it will be more convenient and time saving..

Buses are always available and can take you wherever you want. The ticket price for the inner is €1.70 and €2 for the regional zone. The one day bus pass is for 3.30€. You can buy it from the main transport station or on the bus but for 5.30€.

If you decide to hire a car, make sure to get an automatic, or that you know how to control a manual car. Driving in Salzburg is an awesome experience but difficult especially in snowy days. Also, the road names are written in German and not very clear. So get a car with a GPS, or get a data line and use Google Maps on your phone. Taxis are available but expensive.

Besides, you might love to ride a bike to go to surrounding areas. It’s a very popular tourist activity in Salzburg.

From the airport WA Mozart, you can take the train or the Bus 2 or 10 to the center of Salzburg. It arrives every 10 minutes and takes between 10 and 15 minutes in the routes. The ticket price is 2.5 Euros.

Salzburg Austria

Essential tips:

  • If you want to do a “Sound of Music” tour, don’t pick the first tour you find. Search online for the best program and activities, read reviews and compare prices.
  • If you plan to visit most of Salzburg attractions you should think of buying a Salzburg card. It includes free use of public transport,  free admission to all city attractions and museums, free use of the fortress funicular, the Untersberg cableway, Salzach ship service, discount on several excursions and cultural events and one night accommodation including breakfast in a 3 stars hotel. The cost for one day: 67.00€, 77€ if 4 stars hotel, 26€ without accommodation.
  • Think of making a day tour to the salt mines or to Hallstatt. Salzburg is surrounded with natural wonders.
  • Make sure you spare a day to go up the cable car to the top of the mountain and enjoy the snow. A very popular one is the kitzsteinhorn. You can buy and rent the winter clothes from there. But trust me, it’s a lot cheaper to come prepared, and just buy few extra things as needed from there.
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