7 Tips for a joyful and safe travel with kids

Travelling with kids is an extraordinary experience, that every family should live at least once. Exploring a fabulous place, spending full days together and sharing memories, laughs and adventures, will strengthen your relation and let you discover another side of your child personality. In addition, by taking them to another part of the world, you will blow their minds and widen their knowledge. Traveling at a young age, is the best way to gain inspiration, unlimited imagination and motivation.

Most of people, forget how wonderful travelling in family is, when they imagine their poor kids sleeping on chairs, crying in lines, bored or tired.

With an extra planning effort and a lot of protection, you will be able to have a  pleasant and comfortable trip with your children. That’s why we prepared for you the essential tips to enjoy this magical family adventure.

1- Do a lot of research:

Before travelling, read carefully about your destination. See it it’s really safe, walkable and have interesting attractions for all family members. Check the transport system, how organized and clean it is, and decide the best way to get around with your kids.

Look for healthy and well reputed restaurants and put them in your list, you don’t want to stop eating in any place. Check the weather and plan well for your days and download useful apps. Getting lost in a beautiful city is adorable but not with crying kids.

Book online for popular attractions to avoid long lines and look for groups and family deals.

Tips for a joyful and safe trip with kids

2- Book a family friendly hotel:

Look carefully for a hotel online and read reviews of previous family travelers. It should have a safe location near to the public transport station or the city center.

Depending on your budget, choose a hotel suitable for kids: A hotel that have an indoor swimming pool, kids clubs, playgrounds or just a cozy lobby and a library. The essential that it offers a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for you kids and the necessary facilities for your welfare: Kids dining alternatives, babysitting services…

If you are looking for a cheap hotel make sure that the rooms are big enough and equipped with air conditioner, heating and necessary amenities. Also, indicate that you are not smoker and you need a quiet room or a baby bed in the booking process.

3- Don’t forget to pack those essential items:

Kids and babies are more sensitive and demanding. You have to be ready for every situation.

Medicine and first aid essential are necessary. Bring, a travel pillow, an extra change of clothes, snacks, gum and bottle of water for the plane.

Take an umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen or hydrating cream depending on the weather. Also, suitable shoes and clothes for every activity.

Don’t forget toys, extra snacks and entertainment like sticker books and portable DVD player, or even better, an iPad filled with games and videos to keep them occupied. In your handbag, always bring baby wipes, hand sanitizer and water.

Tips for a joyful and safe trip with kids

4 – Take your time:

Traveling with children need more time and flexibility. They get tired faster, so you always need to rest in a coffee or a garden. Some days they just wake up exhausted or the weather may be too extreme for them. So to avoid stress and disappointment, travel slow.

5- Buy a child locator:

A child locator is a small unit that you put it on your kids’ belt or shoe. If you don’t find your child around you, activate the alarm and follow the sound to find him.

Also, put a card in your kid’s bag or pocket including all details: Phone number, address, and names.

Tips for a joyful and safe trip with kids

6- Keep them busy:

In long train journey, reception waiting, long lines, kids will be annoyed and of course annoy you. Be ready for that, bring their coloring book and favorite toys. A better way to distract them during journeys is to give them a camera. They will love being responsible of something, take shots and show you their pieces of arts. Be sure, they will impress you.

Tips for a joyful and safe trip with kids

7- Make an interesting plan for everyone:

Are you planning to go to a museum, art gallery and an opera show in the same day? Forget about that. Your day plan have to include interesting activities for everyone. It should also be well separated for example: Go to your favorite museum, then to their amazing zoo, go to your imperial palace then their preferable theme park. That’s how they will not feel bored. They can even enjoy the monuments visits if you give them an activity to do: listing what they’ve seen, collecting souvenirs, making a video ….

Tips for a joyful and safe trip with kids

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