Kuala Lumpur travel guide – Essential tips

Kuala Lumpur is a travel-friendly and welcoming city.  Tropical, multicultural and modern, it satisfies all types of travelers. But like any Asian country, it needs specific health and safety precautions.

Find out the best time to visit Kuala Lumpur, how safe is it and what essential tips are recommended to spend a comfortable vacation.

When to go?

Kuala Lumpur is situated close to the equator and its weather varies slightly throughout the year .  The climate is warm, humid and rainy and the temperatures range from 28 to 34 degrees Celsius  during the day. The amount of rainfall is higher during February to May and September to November. Some tourists prefer visiting Kuala Lumpur during those months because it’s cooler but the heavy rains may prevent them from doing many outdoor activities.

The peak season is during June and July. During those months,  the climate is drier, the festivals are numerous and the city is crowded.

It is safe?

Kuala Lumpur is safe but like any big city, precautions and attention are required. Violent crimes are really rare but theft and pickpocketing is common.

– Keep an eye on your bags and items even in chic restaurant.

– Put your valuable items and some cash in the safe lock in the hotel.

– Make a copy of all your documents: Passport, credit card, bookings

– Split your cash over many purses and avoid wearing attractive and pricey jewelleries. Generally, try to not draw attention.

– Stay always in the crowded areas and avoid quiet and dark streets and don’t accept any invitation from strangers.

– In the Batu Caves, be careful from the monkeys there. They can steal your things or attack you.

– Some drivers don’t respect the traffic light. So always be attentive when crossing the street.

How to get around?

Kuala Lumpur has a modern and organized transport network.

There are several connections between the airport, the city center and the surrounding areas. Rapidkl is the best transport system in Kuala Lumpur but you can use the light rail transit (LRT), KLIA Ekspres, KTM Komuter train, KL Monorail.

The taxis are relatively cheap, always available and can take you to any area you want but the drivers generally don’t use the meter and may charge you more than they should. It’s best to insist on using the meter, ask the hotel staff or locals about the ride cost, take a map with you or use Google maps mobile application.

Kuala Lumpur

Essential tips:

– The weather is warm and humid. Take always a bottle of water with you and don’t stay under the sun for a long time.

– Tipping is not necessary as it’s already included in the bills.

– Many services and restaurants charge tourists more than locals. Ask for the price first or book online if available.

– It’s common to sell fake name-brand items like jewels, sunglasses, bags and perfume.  Only buy brand items from big stores.

– Pack comfortable shoes, sun cream, light clothes and of course your umbrella.

– The plug and voltage are the same as in England. If it’s different than in your country, don’t forget your adapter.

– It’s preferable to buy toiletries from pharmacy or supermarkets especially if you’re staying in a mid range hotel.

– If you’re not used to eat spicy and hot food, take stomach medications with you, just in case.

– If you are planning to go to the jungles and wild forests, it’s preferable to consult the travel health center in your country and see if any vaccinations are needed.

– Don’t use mobile roaming. instead, buy a Maxis Hotlink prepaid sim card for $3.30 and you will get free internet for a week.

Kuala Lumpur

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