7 destinations away from the crowd for summer 2015

You want a memorable summer vacation in a lovely but calm place? You want to escape for the life hassles and get lost in this beautiful world? You hate long lines, crowds and noise?

Here are one of the best places to enjoy a relaxing summer vacation away from the crowd

Cologne, Germany

Cologne is a beautiful city in Western Germany. It’s impressive with its deep history, easy remarkable from the Roman towers and old architecture. the colossal Kölner Dom, the largest cathedral in germany, is the most important monument in Cologne. Much more, Cologne has a modern districts, wonderful museums and musical heritage. In summer, you will enjoy the Rhine River and doing a relaxing cruise, crossing all the city or a picnic in the splendid parks. Besides, the weather is warm and sunny but not hot.

Cologne Germany

Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is an old village in Upper Austria surrounded by pure lake,  great mountains and spectacular landscapes. This unique location granted the village with an extraordinary beauty and make it one of the UNESCO World Heritage regions.

Although you will never get enough from admiring the views and walking between the village roads, there is plenty of events and activities to join such as: Enjoying a ferry cruise around the lake, discovering the village culture and old places or making a guided tour.

Hallstatt Austria

Burano, Italy

Burano is an archipelago of four islands in the Venetian Lagoon in North Italy. It’s a cheerful place with its colored houses, inspiring visitors the hope and happiness. It’s one of the top 10 most colorful cities in the world  and one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

It’s also the home of great Italian artists. Tranquil, calm and beautiful, it’s a perfect place to gain inspiration, enjoy a bicycle ride or a tour by the traditional boat and run away from the crowds in Venice. Besides, it’s a cheap destination.

Burano Italy

Portree, Scotland

 Portree is the main and largest town in the Isle of Skye in Scotland, a town of an exceptional culture and natural wonders. It’s where you will live an exceptional experience, discovering the locals traditions, admiring the untouched nature and exploring the Scottish heritage.

You have a range of funny activities to enjoy as well: Making a boat cruise, attending spectacles and theatre plays, hiking in the mysterious mountains, swimming in the pool while contemplating the amazing landscapes or shopping souvenirs.Also, you will taste one of the most delicious seafood.

Portree Scotland

Bordeaux, France

Located in the southwest of France, Bordeaux is one of the most popular cities  in France and best destinations in Europe. While tourists are condensed in Paris, you can enjoy a nice and calm vacation. The city is full of castles, royal palaces, cathedrals, museums and theatres. You can’t miss the bridges and canals, they are so beautiful and romantic. Also make sure to have lunch in one of the lush parks and  dinner above the boat.

Bordeaux France

Kabak, Turkey

Kabak is a lovely village in Lycia, Turkey. It’s miles of natural mysterious beauties: amazing beaches, clear water, dense forests and gorgeous waterfalls and canyons. It’s a perfect place to have a relaxing and tranquil vacation. You will enjoy swimming in the Mediterranean, hiking along the village or camping in the middle of nature.

Kabak Turkey Bruges, Belgium

While Brussels the capital is the most visited city in Belgium, many tourists miss the beauty and charm of Bruges. It’s a small historical city, special with its medieval castles and traditional houses. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage city granted with outstanding monuments and architectures.

You can’t miss the old market, Loppem castle, Church of Our Lady, Belfry halls and Groeninge museum. Bruges Belgium

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