IATA Introducing new strict rules on carry-on bag sizes

IATA Introducing new strict rules on carry-on bag sizes

The international airline trade association, the IATA, announced new guidelines in their last meeting in Miami. It’s about the standardisation of the size of all carry-on hand luggage.

The new sizes are significantly smaller than what the global airlines are currently allowing to: 55 cm tall, 34 cm wide and 19 cm deep.

IATA says that  if not all carry-on bags fit the new guidelines, the ones that do, would have the priority to stay on board aircraft and would get a Cabin OK sticker. If the guidelines become obligatory, all passengers have to buy a new regulation size suitcases.

IATA is planning to sell those bags late this year in partnership with several baggages’ manufacturers.

Eight airlines companies supported this suggestion and will start the new regulations soon including: Emirates, Qatar Airways and Lufthansa.

The new optimized size of bags is reduced by 21% which will give the chance to everyone to put their bags on board aircraft when the flight is full and improve the passenger experience.

Especially that many airlines have increased the number of seats without increasing the space for carry ons. The new requirements will avoid frustration and conflicts between passengers and decrease delays and waiting time.

IATA Introducing new strict rules on carry-on bag sizes

However, other companies like Air Canada, WestJet and most US carriers did not support the proposal.

Some of them claimed that the size is remarkably small and they are not planning to make changes now.

Some quarters and industry consultants criticised and reported the IATA’s guidelines.  They say that the airlines are not solving the passengers problems but increasing them by putting pressure on them and forcing them to buy new expensive bags or pay extra charge for larger ones.


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