Beirut travel guide – Sightseeing

Lebanon is a beautiful country that has many unique and specific characteristics. It’s known with its traditions and culture, that make it a perfect destination for tourists.

Beirut, the capital, is one of the most attractive cities in the Middle East. It has a strategic location, perfect Mediterranean weather and varied attractions that fit different tastes.nLet’s take a look on some places in Beirut that should not be missed.

National Museum of Beirut

The museum displays art pieces, costumes and jewelries from many old cultures and civilizations. These unique items are presented in an attractive and well organized way in spacious rooms.

What makes this museum a one of a kind is its own history, as you can still see the traces of the damages that were caused by the civil war.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Sunday From 9AM to 5PM.

Tickets price:

$3.3 for general public   $0.6 for students

American University of Beirut

Located on a hill, the American University of Beirut is one of the oldest universities of Beirut. This building has an astonishing architecture with a unique historical print. It also indoors the archeological museum, that has no entrance fees.

In addition to its great educational program, the campus is surrounded with gardens and a lovely sea view.

It often organizes big events such as conferences and concerts.

American University of BeirutMohammad Al-Amin Mosque

A wonderful mosque with all its details, from the outside building to the inside design. Its stunning architecture is really attractive.

It’s a typical Islamic art with all the beautiful details it includes.

There are no entrance fees to the mosque.

 Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque BeirutGreek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint George

A gorgeous church in the heart of Beirut. It’s attractive with its mosaics and interesting with its architecture. It contains a small museum downstairs that tells a lot about the history of the cathedral creation in a great way.

The entrance to the cathedral is free but to the museum is $3.3 per person.

 Zaitunay Bay

A very beautiful marina where you will enjoy the lovely view of the boats and yachts and a nice and refreshing walk over the coast. There are numerous varied restaurants that offer tasty food of around the world dishes like Arabic, Italian, French, and many others.

Zaitouna Bay Beirut Hamra Street

If you like shopping, the The Hamra street is the best destination for you as it is called the shopping district. All you can find are shops… all kind of shops from local to international.

Just be sure that when leaving this street, you will be carrying many bags.

There are also many restaurants that offer delicious food in addition to cafes where you can enjoy the shisha and the Lebanese coffee.

You can also visit Beirut Souks and buy gifts and souvenirs for your family and friends.

 The Corniche

In the corniche you will enjoy a joyful promenade and eye-catching views of the amazing sea. Also, it’s a perfect place to ride bicycles and buy something to eat from the stalls.

Sunday is the best day for a lovely walk especially when the weather is good.

Source: Magnus Halsnes

 Mim Museum – Mineral Museum

The mineral museum is considered as a small diamond to not be missed in Beirut. The museum meets the full standards of beauty, attractiveness and shining with the power of its natural exhibited items. You will be able to see different collections of rare and colorful mineral items and varied stones.

The lights and the colors will make you want to spend as much time as possible looking at these mind blowing natural items.

Before leaving Lebanon, you should spend one day at the beautiful city Baalbeck.

Located in the Bekaa Valley, it’s a mythical and distinguished place in Lebanon known with the Roman ruins.

It’s better to have a guided tour to Baalbeck, where the guide will explain the Lebanese history and the stories behind these ruins.

Price: 95$

Description: A full-day trip to Baalbek, Anjar and Ksara from Beirut

Baalbeck Lebanon

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