Paris travel guide – Essential tips


Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. It has a unique charm that attract tourists from all tastes and preferences. The famous monuments, the interesting history, the great castles, the romantic Seine river and bridges, the shining lights, the delicious sweets, the classy restaurants, the shopping streets and much more to see there.

Here are our essential tips to make sure you will have the most enjoyable trip to the city of light and love.

When to go?

Paris is lovely in any time but depending on your budget and what you want to do, you can decide the best time to visit it.

During the winter, you will enjoy the snow, winter sports, fashion and light celebrations. Also it’s less crowded and airfares and hotels rooms are less expensive.

During the summer,  it’s so amazing to hang out, do a boat cruise and  take a bike tour at night but the city is very crowded and  most of the museums and metros are not air conditioned.

During the spring and fall  the weather is great and the gardens are multicolored.  Also, there are a lot of cultural and art events and galleries.

Overall, the best months to visit Paris are June and September. The weather is warm and good and it’s not crowded.

Paris France

It is safe?

Paris is a safe city, the crime rate is very  low and the security system is developed. However, there are thieves and scammers who will try to convince you to buy things from them or give them money. So try to avoid speaking to strange people and taking a lot of cash and expensive items with you like jewelries. You should be attentive in overcrowded areas to avoid pickpocketing.  At night, avoid going to areas far from the main city center and to dark and quiet streets.

How to get around?

The best way to get around in Paris is by metro, it’s cheap, organized, always available and the system is easy to understand with the colors and the English translation on the ticket machines.

Driving is not preferable because it’s dangerous, the traffic is heavy and it’s not easy to find a parking space. Also, taxis are so expensive.

A single metro ticket costs €1.80. To save money, the best option is the buy a Navigo card.  It’s a transport card that gives an unlimited access to the metro, bus, RER and Ile-de-France (Transilien) trains (Not TGV).  The card costs 5€ and the week pass prices are 21,25€  (zone 1 and 2) and 35,40€  for  Paris out to Airports CDG/ORY (up to Zone 5)

Remember, the week starts  from Monday midnight to Sunday midnight.

The Eiffel Tower

Essential tips:

  • There are a lot of options to go from the airport to your hotel: Buses, taxis, private cars, but if you will choose the shuttles you should book in advance, and if you will choose the train (the cheapest option 10€)  keep in mind that the last train is 11 PM
  • Check the weather, it may be colder than you expect even in spring and pack sport clothes and comfortable shoes. Paris is a walkable city.
  • To save money and time, choose one of Paris pass offers, they have tickets to enter top attractions of Paris,  a hop on hop off bus, more than 60 museums and Fast Track Entry pass for 2, 4 or 6 days duration.
  • It is not necessary to give the server a tip in restaurant. It’s included in the bill but it’s always appreciable.
  • When you pay with your credit card choose Euro as currency, if you choose the Dollar you will pay extra charge.
  • Expect long lines in front of the Eiffel Tower. So try to come in a less crowded time and buy your ticket online. If you have some energy, climb to the second floor then take the lift, the lines are shorter.
  • Even if you enjoyed Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, climb the Triomphe arc or Notre Dame, the views from there are amazing. Since the monuments are less tall you will see more details.
  • The Versailles castle is situated outside the city. You need one day to go and explore all its magnificent parts so make sure to plan for that.
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