7 budget destinations for summer 2015

When you think of summer vacation you think of the energetic sun, the lovely beaches, the funny activities, the bike tours… then you remember the large crowds, the high prices, the expensive hotels and you rethink again.

Don’t worry. The world is full of marvelous places where we can spend a memorable summer vacation with a little cash. Whether you like tropical beaches, vibrant cities, rich history, adventure forests or art and culture, there is the right place for you.


Morocco is a preferred tourist destination from worldwide travelers. Its beautiful beaches, deep authenticity and history, nightlife and vivacity attracts families, couples and friends.

Marrakesh and Fez are the most popular destinations in Morocco, known for their wealthy heritage, beautiful landscapes and large souks.

Comparing to Europe and US, the accommodation and food costs in Morocco are cheaper especially if you visit one of the hidden and amazing cities like Essaouira where you will enjoy fantastic beaches and water sports like boating and surfing or Meknes where you will contemplate the old Moroccan architecture and gates. Essaouira Morocco


Portugal become day after day a popular tourist destination for its stunning coastline, old villages and historic castles. In summer, you will never get enough of the fantastic beaches, the tasty seafood and the enjoyable water sports. The natural landscapes, the traditional culture and the historic sites are just as amazing.

Lisbon, the vibrant capital and Porto the charming coastal city are the two most popular destinations in Portugal.

Portugal is considered a budget destination since it’s cheaper than many countries in Western Europe especially when you plan your trip well in advance.

Porto Portugal  

Greek Islands:

Delicious food, fantastic scenics, beautiful beaches with sand dunes, Greek Islands are the best for a summer vacation. The surprise is they are really affordable especially if we compare it to the tourist European cities. Much more, the Greek islands are associated with a lot of landscapes diversity, culture and history.  Crete, Corfu, Mykonos, Rhodes and Naxos are the most popular ones. They are special with their unique historic sites, local traditions, old architectures and great climate.

Crete Island Greece


 Mexico, a vibrant country in Latin America, cheerful with its festive ambiance and inspirational with its great civilization.  You will be fascinated by the ancient pyramids of the Maya civilization, the tasty authentic mexican cuisine and the palm beaches. In summer, you won’t miss Cancun, the coast city shaped on number 7 and known for its clear crystal water, vibrant nightlife and countless water activities.

As all of the Latin American countries, Mexico is a cheap destination and comparing to tropical islands, Cancun has a great value to money.

 Cancun Mexico


Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Granada, la Oliva, each Spanish city has a specific charm attracting millions of visitors every year. They enjoy the impressive culture, the acoustic music and the sandy beaches.

What’s really magnificent is that there are  plenty of  tourist attractions, live street shows, huge castles, spectacular buildings, green gardens and more to see in spain for free. In addition, the bed and breakfast hotels, hostels and apartments are really of good quality of service. So if you are on a budget, you can still have a comfortable stay, do many funny activities and enjoy your trip.

Costa del sol Spain

Costa Rica

Visiting Costa Rica isn’t just a trip. It’s an unforgettable experience full of adventure and fascination. It’s one of the earth’s most biologically diverse and dense countries. Nature and wonders lovers will find their passion between the dense green forests, the amazing beaches on the Caribbean coasts and the wonderful river valleys.

There are plenty of activities to do like cultural tours, adventurous activities in the forests of rivers, the visit of popular volcanoes or a cruise to Tortuga island.

The cost of travel in central America is very cheap.  As Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination, the cost of activities and accommodation are relatively higher but still very affordable.


Source: kansasphoto



A hidden treasure of Europe, Croatia is granted with a perfect climate, fascinating coastline on the Adriatic sea, beautiful rocky beaches and many incredibly amazing islands. Besides, the Croatian interesting heritage, traditional culture, stunning architecture are really worth to visit.  In summer, you will adore swimming, making a boat tour, contemplating the dramatic sunset views and the breathtaking landscapes, discovering the islands and tasting the delicious seafood.

Local transportation and accommodation costs are relatively cheap, the same for activities if you avoid tourist traps.


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