Rome Travel Guide – Sightseeing


Rome is one of the most popular tourist destinations to visit. Tourist from around the world had the opportunity to see, experience, and taste stunning things.

As they say “All roads lead to Rome” So you’re bound to end up there one day if you keep on traveling and discover the city of art, culture, and Roman history.

You will feel while walking in the streets of Rome, like walking in the halls of a museum. Behind each wall of Rome, there is a history and a story to tell.

Start with the procession of  Roman antiquities in the center of the city. The buildings’ condition varies greatly, from just ruins as the temples Forum, to the less damaged as the Pantheon.

Here are the most fascinating monuments of Rome:

The Coliseum:

One of the must see monuments in Rome is the Coliseum. The Coliseum is the symbol of the Roman capital. This huge amphitheater was once the location of doing shows  as well as gladiator fights. Almost 2000 years separate us from the construction of this building still perfectly preserved and renovated.

The Coliseum Roma Italy

The Pantheon:

Located on the Piazza della Rotonda, the Pantheon is one of the few buildings that have remained undamaged. Facing a fountain with an obelisk, it is very nice to stop in this place for a meal. Totally antiquated, it is actually impressive to see how this old building, which is hundreds of years old, is able to perfectly attract our sights.

Pantheon Roma italy

Trevi Fountain:

In the heart of Rome, you will need to go through small pedestrian streets to reach the famous Trevi Fountain. It’s more preferable to visit the fountain when night falls, to make the beautiful colors and lights more valuable in the water reflections.

The monument of Victor Emmanuel II:

Not far from the Coliseum, about 5 minutes walk from Piazza Venezia overlooked by the impressive monument of Victor Emmanuel II. Worthy of the greatest film sets or Roman series, this building is breathtaking in its beauty and intact condition, giving us a glimpse of the power and Roman imperialism of the time. Also to be seen at night to enjoy the play of light on the facades of the monument.

Piazza di Spagna:

The Spagna Place is one of the most popular squares in Rome. With palm trees and the famous Barcaccia fountain in the center. The fountain is shaped stranded boat taking in water, in connection with the floods that submerged the whole city. The big stairs are a great place for tourists to sit and enjoy the view or to rest their legs after crossing the city far and wide.

Piazza di Spagna Roma

Castel Saint ‘Angelo:

This monument has a rich history, the beauty of its architecture is worth a visit. This castle has many rooms and apartments that are richly decorated. If you visit, be sure to pass on the walkway, which offers a magnificent view across the Eternal City.

Castel Saint ‘Angelo

There are also many other monuments in Rome like The Mausoleum of Augustus and the Ara Pacis, Piazza Navona, Piazza Colonna, Baths of Caracalla, etc…

And in order to make your stay in Rome the more fascinating and relaxing, here are some of the most attractive hotels:

Fontana Hotel: Overlooking a unique view of the Trevi Fountain, this great position will take you in the heart of Rome’s history.
Indigo Hotel:  It has a special and attractive design where each wall is decorated with paintings of  Italy’s most famous cars Fiat 500 and Caravaggio. Also, at St. George spa, you will experience the Roman baths in mineral decor, which is perfect for relaxation.
Novotel Roma Eur: the hotel’s architecture attracts the attention of everyone. Equipped with all the modern comfort with bright colors, it offers easy access to monuments and attractions of the city.
Villa Spalletti Trivelli: or the royal hotel is situated in the highest hill of Rome. It has spacious rooms and specific beautiful garden.


Visiting the capital of the country with most World Heritage Sites will be certainly a fascinating experience.


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