8 of the most attractive museums

There are some places that we may think they have a specific role which we are not interested about but the moment we stop over we will figure out that we had a wrong idea. Museums are an example of this kind of places. There is no suspicion about the main aim of museums, which is educative and informal, but visitors will be fascinated and astonished by the attractive things they will discover especially while visiting a well-known museum. So, here are the 8 most attractive museums around the word to add on the list of places you should visit

Louvre Paris, France

How can you go to the beautiful city of light, Paris, without passing by the famous Louvre museum, that ultra-modern glass building built on the site of a former mine, hosts more than 200 masterpieces from the Louvre, and not least, as “Liberty Leading the People” Delacroix. The largest museum in the world has given birth to a shining cultural experience to Paris visitors.

The louvre museum Paris

The British Museum London, UK

The British Museum, Known by the museum of humanity’s culture, is one of the largest museums in the world. Its collection of nearly thirteen million pieces covers the entire history of civilization, about 1.8 million years until today. It presents the most famous antiquities in the world. One of the best known examples is the Rosetta Stone, which allowed Champollion to decipher the hieroglyphics.


The british museum

The Vasa Museum Stockholm, Sweden  

The Vasa Museum, one of the most successful and attractive hits in Sweden. A very special and different maritime museum, with more than one million visitors a year. What makes it one of the most famous tourist attractions in Sweden and the most visited in Scandinavia, is that it’s not usual building, but a salvaged war ship.  The exhibits in the museum are very diverse.

Vasa Museum Sweden

The Salmon R. Guggenheim Museum New York, USA

Also known as the Guggenheim Museum located in New York City or as some people call it, the Empire City, is a reference in the world of art and its architecture makes it one of the most original figures of the 20th century. This magnificent building which has its own charm and effect houses works of famous artists such as Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian.

 The Salmon R. Guggenheim Museum New York, USA

The Rijksmuseum National Museum Amsterdam, Netherlands

It is not possible to go to Amsterdam without visiting the famous Rijksmuseum museum. The museum Has existed for more than two hundred years, and is considered as the biggest and most important museum in the Netherlands. It is also considered as one of the most astonishing museum as it exposes paintings of Jan van Goyen, Torrentius, Hendrik Avercamp, Johannes Verspronck, Willem Heda, Pieter Saenredam, Nicolaes Maes, Jan Lievens, Gerard Dou, Jacob van Ruysdael, Jan Steen, and of course Rembrandt ‘s 12 masterpieces and 4 of the most famous paintings of Vermeer.

The Rijksmuseum National Museum Amsterdam Netherlands

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Washington DC, USA

If you are interested in space, space ships, airplanes and you are in the capital of the United States of America, Washington DC; then your destination should be the famous Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.  The large collection of aviation that the museum maintains made it the 5th most visited museum worldwide.

Visitors will enjoy the discovery of the history of historic aviation, aircraft, military aircraft, the story of astronautics, the planets, the universe, the solar system, weather systems, weather satellites, and spacecraft.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Washington DC, USA

Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias Valencia, Spain

The city of Arts and Science is a large complex of buildings among the most fascinating in the world.  Constructed in the middle of the water and adding a magical aspect to the city. The City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia in Spain is a real tribute to modern architecture where you will spend a wonderful time that you will remember all your life.

Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias Valencia, Spain

Osaka Maritime Museum Osaka, Japan

The Osaka Maritime Museum or the impressive sphere is like an air bubble floating in the Pacific’s surface. The museum’s aim is to show how Osaka has a strong maritime culture and how important is its relationship with the sea. It also shows o visitors how important is the harbor for people in Osaka.

Although this is a maritime museum, this building is home to public events as well, and it maintains a copy of an old boat used in Japan the days when Tokyo was still called Edo.

Such innovative structure that includes historical exhibits would bring you a great joy and delight.

Osaka Maritime Museum Osaka, Japan

Visiting a museum gives the visitor a great pleasure, because museums in each country will help the visitor get a closer idea about the cultures and history of that place as well as other civilizations. Also to the great work done by the architects, who have made amazing buildings. All this make museums a mixture of art, history, beauty, innovation and modernity.


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