The most beautiful regions in France

If you have never been to France before, your desire to visit this country known by its breathtaking charm, will last until you find yourself between its arms. You may be thinking of Paris as your destination when you’ll be in France. But have you ever had an idea about the wonder that other cities are hiding? If not, you will be amazed by the secrets of the most beautiful cities in France.


French’s second favorite city with its very well restored  buildings and a variety of outstanding  museums to visit. This modern and arty city  is also known by its theatre situated in ‘La place de la Comedie’, one of the best places in Bordeau. The theater is awesome with an auditorium made of attractive columns decorated with fine gold.

Bordeau French city

bordeaux France

French riviera:

French Riviera ( cote d’Azur) situated on the French coast of the Mediterranean sea. It’s the destination of stars, famous and rich tourists. Known by its different artistic events and the Cannes film Festival. It’s a hub of art galleries, fine arts and museums. This glamorous city have always been a source of inspiration for many artists.

cote d'azur French riviera


One of the loveliest cities in France, situated on the east of the country. It has a very rich and fascinating heritage,  declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Its history and charming monuments take you heart and soul to another time, and let you live a royal historical experience. The architectures of the old city and the colors of the houses add to the city’s beauty an attractive touch.

Strasbourg France

Strasbourg France

Loire Valley:

Loire Valley or Garden of France, known by its juicy fruits that come from fresh trees alignedaround the river. The latter is one of the world most important heritage sites. In Loire, you will discover the greatest palaces and “Chateaux” that have imaginary designs such as Chateau de Villandry that dates to the 14th century and Chateau de Chenonceau, the most visited chateaux in France with awesome gardens open to the public.

Loire Valley France

chateau de chenonceau France


Nature,  sea, sun, culture, art, history, warm people, and more. You can do nothing but fall in love in a variety of astonishing landscapes that surround artistic masterpieces of ethnic architectural design. You will never see more amazing  Greek and Roman ruins, castles and Botanical Gardens than the ones you’ll see in Marseille.

Marseille France


Corse, the island of beauty, a Mediterranean island situated in the south-east of France where you will live peaceful, unforgettable days. You will experience the real 90’s lifestyle in the heart of the nature.  It has 1000 km of coast and more than 200 beaches. Most visitors are based in the west-coast of the island where they enjoy the spectacular views of ports, landscapes, and beaches. Also, the center captures  adventures lovers who  have a variety of attractions and activities inside of the mountains and forests.

Corse Island France

Mont Saint Michel:

Mont Saint Michel is a must visit place in France, surrounded by a gray landscape that amazes eyes passing by it. You will have to pass by the King’s Gate, a historical monument, to find yourself in the Grand ‘Rue, where few houses are spread out nicely to form the city.

Mont Saint Michel France

Your splendid visit to France will never be the same if you don’t pass by Paris. You must have heard a lot about it. But what you don’t know about Paris is that it will capture your senses and make you lost inside its charm. This inspiring city will wake your passion about life up, and change your look to yourself, to the world and to everything that you used to call “Beauty”.

Finally, Valentines ‘day is knocking its doors, and France is the place to be if you’re in Love. So, don’t wait so much to start packing and book your first trip to France.

Paris France Eiffel tower

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