The most popular European islands

The islands are breathtaking pieces of the earth that no words can express the beauty.

Whether they are Continental, Oceanic or tropical, they are beautiful pieces of jeweleries that radiate in the sea.

The charming landscapes mixed with glorious beaches make from any island a dream destination for everyone of us.

However, European islands are more special, having a deep-rooted history and a sublime heritage from many civilizations.

We choose for you the most marvelous European islands.


The most popular tourist destination and romantic getaway in Greece. It’s an ancient island that lived one of the largest volcanic eruptions since thousands of years.

Santorini is a unique place on earth with its beautiful beaches, staggering views, impressive golden sunset and stunning sceneries. The island is graced with ancient magnificent cities, the traditional Grecian architecture and an exceptional charm.

 Santorini Greece

Santorini Greece


Sicily is an attractive Italian island. But its not just an island. In addition to its mediterranean strategic location, its clear sea waters and its wild beauty, Sicily is a majestic cultural and historic land rising from the sea. It’s the merge of different societies: Africans, Asians and Europeans.

It’s a one place when you can find different arts, histories, heritage and architectures.

Distinguished with its great dishes and moderate climate throughout most of the year.

Sicily Italy Island

 Sicily Italy Island


Ibiza, one of the Balearic Islands in Spain.

It’s a vibrant destination inspiring energy and happiness.  You have countless activities to do at day and night.

Visitors can enjoy  the turquoise seas and sandy beaches, do an incomparable walk in dense forests and contemplate the historic monuments and and spanish heritage.

Ibiza is not just a dynamic and stylish island, its a melting pot of beautiful coastlines, special landscapes and dramatic views.

Ibiza Spain Island beach

Ibiza Spain Island beach


Peaceful island in the heart of mediterranean sea, composed of an harmonized mixture between the old and new sites. a very safe and welcoming

country, it’s a great destination for a calm and pleasant vacation.

The island will impress you with its magnificent beaches, amazing restaurants, explorable monuments and warm ambience.

Malta island

Malta island


The largest Greek island with a long gorgeous coastline granted with splendid bays, sandy beaches and numerous rocks merged with the sea.

Exceptional with its unique atmosphere, beautiful landscapes and diverse civilizations, crete is a popular  destination for travelers from around the world. It’s an ideal place to explore the greek culture and discover an outstanding natural beauty. from the cities to the villages and coasts, Crete is full of treasures to discover.

Crete island Greece

Crete island Greece


Capri is an island located on the south side of the Gulf of Naples in the Campania region of Italy.

The island  is a wonderful place for relaxing and admiring the natural  sceneries, where the great mountains are decorated with small beautiful houses and rocks are standing majestically in the sea.

At night, the city shines, the streets are full of amazing lights and houses sparkle like pearls, making the island an amazing romantic and inspiring land.

Capri island Italy

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