Fabulous tourist destinations to go without VISA

Who have never dreamt of simply travelling without preparing too long for VISA requirements, documents,appointments and wasting time and effort?  Who have never dreamt of preparing a surprise trip for one of his family members or friends? Or moving freely from country to another during one trip?

If so, your dreams have come true ! There are several countries which are VISA free or issue VISA upon arrival or electronically for Arab citizens.

We picked for you the most popular and fascinating destinations here.

  •  Seychelles


The seychelles, are a cluster of 115 islands, few of them are inhabited mysterious islets. It’s a vibrant tourist destination situated in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa. The seychelles is more than wonderful beaches and magnificent nature, it’s a town of culture, delicious cuisine, comfort and relax, diving and enjoying water sports.  Considered as one of the best destinations for weddings, Honeymoons and romantic occasions.

* Not applicable for Syrian citizens

*You may need electronic VISA or on-arrival for Seychelles based on your nationality. Please check here for further information.

  • Malaysia


A diverse charming country situated in the southeast Asia. It’s a cultural treasure where lives many races and religions peacefully. This beautiful mix made Malaysia the home of amazing festivals, traditional crafts and arts and various delicious cuisines.

The nature is fascinating too, from the tropical rainforest and the national parks to the fantastic beaches. This mix of beauties makes visiting Malaysia a memorable experience.

* Not applicable for Djiboutian citizens.

* You may need electronic VISA or on-arrival for Malaysia  based on your nationality  Please check here for further information.

  • Turkey                 

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Turkey is the only country that belongs to two continents, its the capital of civilisations and cultures. It’s a harmonized mix of East and West, presents a unique pearl in the mediterranean.

Moving from city to another there are countless fun activities, tourist attractions, museums and historical monuments. We can’t forget to mention that the Turkish cuisine is among  the most delicious ones in the world.

Turkey is an exciting destination for all travelers: family, friends and couples.

* You may need electronic VISA or on-arrival for Turkey based on your nationality  Please check here for further information.

  • The Maldives



The Maldives is a glamorous country constituted of 1190 islands, with turquoises clear seas and white sandy beaches. It’s a perfect place for swimming, surfing and enjoying the palm trees and the warm weather.

It’s an inspiring  and refreshing environment where you want to live forever, contemplating romantic sunsets, trying different fruit juices and relaxing in the sun.

* Not applicable for Syrian citizens.

* You may need electronic VISA or on-arrival for Maldives based on your nationality  Please check here for further information.

  • Hong Kong



Hong Kong, an exciting and vibrant unique region in China. It has a special regime and administration making this region more independent and excepcional.

It’s a dynamic city with a lot of street markets and shopping malls, fabulous buildings, skyscrapers and all aspects of modern living.

This modernity is surrounded with gorgeous natural landscapes and variety of cultural monuments.

* Not applicable for Syria, Sudan, Yemen,Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Mauritania and Somalia.

* You may need electronic VISA or on-arrival for Hong Kong based on your nationality  Please check here for further information.

  • Indonesia


Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world situated between the continents of Asia and Australia including, large and small islands and unexplored islets.

Visiting Indonesia is like travelling to another part of the world where the beauty is beyond imagination.

Its Beaches, deep seas, green forests and great mountains made this island nation an earth of uncountable fascinating landscapes.

Indonesia have a diverse rich culture and heritage that can be felt in every corner of the country: the traditional music and dances, the life styles and way of living of its friendly people and the historic monuments.

Only for Morocco, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, libya, Amman, Qatar, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

* You may need electronic VISA or on-arrival to Indonesia based on your nationality  Please check here for further information.

What are waiting for? Do your reservations, prepare your luggage and realise your dream!




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