Great VISA news for both Kuwait and UAE

euro flag

If you’re a frequent traveler with UAE or Kuwaiti citizen, then you’re in for a treat soon, or perhaps even already. The European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs has voted with majority in favor of granting UAE citizens with visa-free access to Schengen countries. What this means for all UAE citizens is hassle-free access to 25 European countries. No long queues before that. No paperwork. And no huge fees on entry. Ofcourse this will mean more tourists for these countries, which should yield more profits.

Kuwait has also reached an agreement with UK that would exempt diplomatic and special passport holders from entry visa starting October, with efforts to bring the same exemption to all Kuwaiti passport holders by mid of 2014. UK, and London in specific, is already a very hot tourist destination for many Kuwaities, many of which own real estate in the United Kingdom as well.

Kuwait is already ranked #1 amongst Arab countries with visa-free access to 77 countries, placing it at rank 52 worldwide. Emirates however have jumped eight places this  year alone, coming at rank #56 worldwide, and #2 as an Arab country.

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