Touring The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is comprised of England, Scotland, Whales and Northern Ireland. These areas each offer a unique culture and tourism experience that make it well worth your while to return again and again. Because the island of Britain is relatively compact you can easily tour multiple destinations in one trip when you visit the United Kingdom.

Famous Cities


Palace of Westminster London (Courtesy of Diliff)

Located in England in the southeastern portion of the isle of Britain, travel to London could not be easier. If you fly into Heathrow Airport the city is a short tube ride away. You can also take the ferry in from France and travel to London via bus or car.

Reasons Why London is Famous

In addition to being the capital city, London has a rich and unique history dating back to the Roman Empire. From palaces to fine dining to the vibrant theatre district, there is no end to the activity in London.

Best Times to Visit

Peak travelling season to London is in May, June or September when the clearest weather is anticipated with little rain and warm temperatures along with traditional holidays such as the Queen’s birthday. Many also enjoy spending the holidays in London as much celebrating goes on throughout the city.

Where to Stay

Hotel Pavilion London

Places to Eat

  • Sketch– Upscale French cuisine
  • Archipelago – Exotic dishes including wildebeest, kangaroo and more. This may not be a suitable eating place for Muslims and people with restricted eating habits. But it’s bizzarre enough  to checkout perhaps.


Tower of London (Courtesy of Thomas81

  • Tower of London– Tour the armory, medieval palace or crown jewels
  • Old Map Man guided tour – Offers 10 different guided tours of the city
  • The London Eye – One of the world’s largest Ferris wheels
  • The Lion King Show – Live show re-enactment of the popular Disney animated movie, The Lion King. The closer you can be to the stage the better. And if you can, pick seat near the center isle. You will be in for extra treat.
  • Madame Tussauds – The famous wax museum in London is a packed place during tourist season. You can book your ticket online and save both time and money. An extra 4D Marvel Super Heroes 10 mins shorts is shown at end of the tour at no extra charge.

Transportation and Getting Around Safely The least expensive method of transportation in London is the tube system, which spans the entire city. A pass to the tube system can also gain you access to the famous double decker red buses which traverse the town. Those who will be staying for several days can purchase an Oyster card, which you can load with as much money as you need. You may also buy weekly open ticket which would be cost saving for you if you plan to stay in the city that long.


Edinburgh (Courtesy of Postdlf

Edinburgh is easily accessible via train from any portion of the United Kingdom. You may also travel in from Edinburgh or Glasgow airport if you are travelling internationally.

Reasons Why Edinburgh is Famous

As the capital of Scotland, there is a great deal of history in Edinburgh that can keep tourists busy. Many come to tour the Royal Mile which runs through the city, boasting Holyrood Palace on one end and Edinburgh Castle on the other.

Best Times to Visit

The best weather in Edinburgh is expected between June and August, which makes it a high time for tourism. Many festivals are also planned in August which makes it a prime time to learn about Scottish culture.

Where to Stay

The Witchery Hotel in Edinburgh

Places to Eat

  • The Shore – Fresh seafood and other kind of sandwiches offered at the Royal Yacht Britannia.
  • Wedgwood – Rated the best restaurant for traditional Scottish fare
  • Castle Terrace – Upscale bar fare with a full bar


Edinburgh Castle (Courtesy of David.Monniaux

  • Edinburgh, Hop On-Hop Off- Bus tours stopping at many of the city’s famed locations.
  • National Museum of Scotland – Get a free look at artifacts from ancient times to modern day pieces
  • The Filmhouse – A renovated film house showing art and independent films by local producers
  • Edinburgh Zoo – Over 1000 animals, and is the home to UK’s only giant pandas
  • Edinburgh Castle – Parts of this still in use castle date back to the 12th Century

Transportation and Getting Around Safely

Most traveling the city choose to use the bus or tram system as it is inexpensive and reliable. Passes can be purchased for one ride or several days. Later into the evenings many also rely on taxis or town cars for transportation.


Manchester City Stadium (Courtesy of KGGucwa

The Manchester Airport is considered one of the easiest ways to enter the city. You may also take the train in from any location on the isle of Britain.

Reasons Why Manchester is Famous

Manchester is most well-known for its football teams and celebrities that call the city home. Manchester is one of the largest cities in England, making it easy to find plenty of activity at any time of the year.

Best Times to Visit

Different seasons offer different attractions in this bustling city. Spring offers many sporting events, summer boasts the best weather and plenty of outdoor festivals and picnics, and fall boasts the harvest season making dining a must-experience attraction.

Where to Stay

Palace Hotel Manchester

Places to Eat

  • The French- Upscale French bistro
  • Second Floor Restaurant– Offering lunch, dinner and traditional tea while overlooking the city
  • Linen– Often providing themed dinners to relate to current events


Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (Courtesy of GeographBot

  • Manchester Guided Tours- Take a standard walking tour or work with a guide to design your own
  • Museum of Science & Industry – Premiere museum highlighting the English contributions to the scientific field
  • Royal Exchange Theatre– View a variety of modern, traditional or Shakespearian shows in a picturesque setting
  • Manchester United & Manchester City Tours – If you’re a football fan, make sure you take the tour into the famous stadium of both Manchester rivals. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to catch a live match. Though tickets are hard to come by if you’re not club member.

Transportation and Getting Around Safely

Manchester offers free bus service in the main city areas. Passengers may also take advantage of the Metrolink Rapid Transit System.

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