Unusual Attractions in Malaysia

Malaysia is the ultimate tourist destination, and it caters to the tourist population by making travel convenient and very comfortable. It is also home to some unusual and quirky attractions that can make any trip to Malaysia very memorable.

Cat Museum, Kuching

This photo of Cat Museum is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Located in Kuching, Malaysia, the Cat Museum is a quirky little museum filled with cat sculptures and all the possible information on cats. It is not surprising that this museum is located in Kuching, as the city advertises itself as the Cat City. This museum documents the portrayal of cats all the way from the ancient times to today’s commercial Hello Kitty. Entry to the cat museum is free, and a small fee is charged if you want to take photos with a camera. However, the photos will be well worth it, as you are not likely to find such a feline-centric place anywhere else on the planet.

Penang Toy Museum, Tanjung Bunga

Courtesy of Penang Vacations

This toy museum houses models of dolls, collectibles and toys numbering more than 100,000. It is the first museum of its kind in the whole of Asia and even in the world. It features models that range from miniatures to lifelike sizes.

First World Hotel, Genting Highlands

This hotel features as an unusual attraction because of its brightly colored facade. The crayon-like colors and the unusual construction make this hotel an extremely off-beat construction. Inside, the hotel houses a theme park, casinos, lounges and shopping areas. It is the second biggest hotel in the world, following the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

However, you might want to make Kuala Lumpur your central point in Malaysia, as transportation to other areas is well-developed in the capital. In addition, all embassies and other important offices will be located in the capital, making it convenient for you in case of an emergency.

Travel Tips:

When traveling to Malaysia, as a tourist you should be aware of certain tips that will make your trip more enjoyable.

  • Malaysia is a very cultural country. Cultural practices and traditions are deeply ingrained in the people and their behavior. It is bad practice to accept or give money or gifts with the left hand. Always use the right hand, as it is believed that using the left hand for these acts brings bad luck.
  • Eating is always performed with the right hand. Even if you are a lefty, in the presence of locals, try to use your right hand. Using your left hand to eat is usually frowned upon.
  • The weather in Malaysia tends to be sunny throughout the year. Except for a few days, you can trust the sun to be hot and shining. Wear loose, cotton clothes that allow your skin to breathe. At the same time, be aware of the local sensibilities and stay away from revealing clothes. While visiting temples and other religious sites, women should ideally wear long sleeved and decent clothing to respect the local tradition.

Malaysia is a wonderful place for a wonderful holiday. Hundreds of families make their vacation trips to this region and these unusual places only make the trips more memorable. As long as tourists keep in mind certain travel tips and avoid certain cultural faux pas, they can be sure that their trip to Malaysia will be enjoyable and unforgettable.