Burj Khalifa – Dubai, tallest structure in the world

When it comes to Guinness records in construction, very often you’re being chased, and will get left only second best, by Dubai. Their latest Burj Khalifa skycraper which opened in the 4th of January this year, is just another perfect example, setting up 14 world records, mostly related to heights. The construction which took 5 years to complete now resembles the tallest man-made structure ever built, rising up 828 m high, leaving Warsaw radio mast second with 646.38 m, and that’s not even for residential use.

The cost of this project alone is $1.5 billions, part of the $20 billion Downtown Dubai. Only in Dubai in such down time worldwide economic crisis would you see these spendings. Spendings that in March 2009 made office space of 1 sq ft cost $4,000, that’s $43,000 per square meter. Now when the project was still in construction, I used to ask my self how comfortable would I be living in a never tried before heights, how convenient would it be if I reach 800 m high, only to realize I forgot my laptop in the car. That’s a long ride isn’t it?

But that’s just me, and they probably have it figured out. And it’s not like I’ll be able to afford it anyhow. But with such prices, who can? How many would be able to, and how many would agree to make such an investment. Is there really a payback period for this project? Or is it meant as another symbol for Dubai like Burj Al-Arab? Remember we’re not adding up the maintenance cost here. Can you imagine the cost of just cleaning up these windows?

Apparently, it would take 36 workers three to four months to wash up the 24,348 windows of the building. Mind you these aren’t regular window washers, but rather ones with exceptional bravery for heights and strong winds.

The Observation Deck:

On January 5th, At The Top, third highest observation deck in the world, opened on the 124th floor, at a hight of 442 m, only to be closed to the public 3 days later, after a power supply failure locked tourists in the elevator for 45 minutes. Rumors spread about the reopening of the deck on February 14th, but apparently they are just that, rumors. So tourists don’t raise your hopes in getting anything more than a close look at the building from outside right now, or else you’ll end up like others.

Outside Burj Khalifa:

Outside the skycraper lays the the $217 million record fountain system called Dubai Fountain. The fountain is a masterpiece by it self (see video below). Also, Burj Khalifa park surrounds the building spreading across 27-acre, mimicing the core design concepts of the building it self, which is based on the desert flower, Hymenocallis.


Something that beautiful can’t be described in words, and no, not even a picture would do. Enjoy these video collections.

Did you see the writings on the wall?

First day of observation deck opening.

Window cleaning has never been more difficult.

Dubai Fountain

World record base jumping off Burj Khalifa


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