Weight your luggage, save time and embarrassment

Every airline has it’s maximum weight capacity. Maximum weight for every checked-in bags, maximum total checked-in luggage weight, and maximum weight for the small bag you carry with you over the plane. Usually you are allowed something around 20 Kg or so for checked-in luggage, and like 1 bag of maximum 7 Kg to carry with you on the plane. These are almost the official maximum weights for Qatar and Jazeera Airways at least, although you will see they’re flexible to some extent. But still, imagine the scenario when the can’t allow your maximum weight. You would have sometimes to decide on the airplane which stuff to leave behind, hoping a friend or relative can just take it back home. Or else, you would need to open your bag in public, and start moving stuff from one bag to the other, to adhere to the weight limits. This is very embarrassing and time consuming. Could cost you more money as well to pay for extra kilos, or buying an extra bag at the airport. You can’t bargain a lot there when you’re in desperate need right? This is why you may wish to consider getting one of these small low-cost luggage scales for your home use before heading to the airport:

Travel Luggage Scale

Travelon Luggage Scale with Tape Measure
Maximum Weight: 75Lb (34 Kg)
Price: $6.96

Digital Luggage Scale

DIGITAL LUGGAGE SCALE Portable Light Weight Scales Postal Weigher NEW
Maximum Weight: 100Lb (44 Kg)
Price: $18.99

Taylor Digital Luggage Scale

Taylor #8120 Digital Luggage Scale
Maximum Weight: 88Lb (40 Kg)
Price: $19.99

Such an item could come in real handy sometimes.