Get your VISA before it’s too late

Those of you planning to travel this summer might want to consider applying for VISA from now before it’s too late. In summer, it’s usually too crowded, takes long time, and some people end up paying hundreds for 3rd-parties to finish their papers. To be best prepared for your VISA application and make the process easier, below are some quick guidelines:

  1. Make sure your passport is still valid and not about to expire. You need minimum of 6 months on it when applying for the new VISA. Expired? Renew all travelers’ passports at your earliest.
  2. Gather information about the VISA for the country you want to visit. Try Googling for something like “UK visa”,  “Shengen VISA” and usually you’ll find the information you need. Make sure you get the VISA details for your nationality, as it differs a lot from one nationality to the other. See if they have online application as well, as it’s usually much easier that way. Some worldwide travel guide info sites might help, like Search for your destination and see the VISA page.
  3. Get all your papers ready, get as much as you can. Include destination, purpose of visit, travel dates, airline tickets, hotel booking confirmation, what you plan to do there. Some destinations require a look at your past bank statements and salary certificates. They are usually interested in making sure you intend to come back, so help them feel sure about it. A look at their official website should help you know more about what type of papers are required. Basically, the more clear and proof you have, the easier your papers will be processed.
  4. Apply either online or through the local official or nearest to your country office. Again, have everything ready, and make sure you have enough tipe for the VISA processing before you submit your application.

Some VISA Sites:

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