Social Media Is There To Help Travelers

The power of social networks and sites is irreplaceable really no matter how you try, people are swearing by it as the future of the web. Social sites are not only for chatting and wasting time, but has a much greater value in them for the people seeking it. You can use it to reach out, learn from different cultures, get targeted advise where you need it from people who want to help. And the same applies for traveling. You can use these social sites to learn more about the different destinations, use what people shared from their experience, and then use other interactive social sites, like Facebook and Twitter to get the extra help you need. In fact, a British guy named Paul Smith (TwitchHiker) is doing just that with his half-across the world trip to raise charity money, relying solely on Twitter for followers offering help, advise, stay, and transportation. So far, he’s already approaching the end of his trip with about 11,000 followers and saying “11,000 people and managing to twitchhiker around the world can’t be wrong“.

Ofcourse, you don’t have to go to that extreme, but Mashable have prepared a very nice article about how and what to use of the social media for your travel needs.