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TripIt is a trip organizing service that will help you in planning your trips, share them with your friends and family, and it will also keep a stats of your travel habits, days of travel, kilometers taken, cities, countries, etc. The site also provides the ability for some restaurants, theater tickets, and activities booking right from within their site.

But the best feature probably in this site over others is their ability to process your online booking information and created automated itinerary from them. This applies for hotels, airlines, cruises, activities, rails, car rentals, and more. What happens is, when you make an online booking through one of their supported sites, you normally receive a reservation confirmation email. Once you create your accont with TripIt, you just forward this email to their address, and they will process it automatically and notify you once the new itinerary is ready for your confirmation. I’ve tried it with an Expedia booking, and it went marvelously. Although I have to say, the AJAX-rich interface of GoPlanit, and the bigger library of locations they have was more appealing and useful to me.

You can make your travels private to you and your selected friends, or you can open it for everyone to see and make use of. If you’ve tried it, or any other travel planning service, please do share your experience. If you need more space than a single comment box, be sure to visit 7ojozat Tours, where you will get your own blogging space for FREE.