MonogramsTravel arranges your whole trip

What is monograms

I’ve always been disappointed with travel agencies locally for their lack of enthusiasm and creativity. They want you to drive them every step of the way, telling them exactly what you want, and they’ll book it. Booking can be made directly. Travel agency I believe should separate it self from the rest by helping the customer with advise and suggestions, where to to go, what’s a good hotel for my need, transportation, and what places to visit. That’s what will make me come back.

Monograms seems to be promising just that, and perhaps a bit more. They would commit to help you decide where to go, arrange for your flight, stay, transportation and visit to the tourist attractions, and sometimes even VIP access. I hope the site delivers to it’s promise in real world. Who knows, I may end up giving them a shot someday. Be sure to check their brief video on the main page.