Vacation Rentals could be smarter than hotels!

Do you ever consider Vacation Rentals when traveling? What are they you ask? They are the lease of furnished home or apartment on a temporary basis for travelers as an alternative to traditional hotels. A side from the lack of 24/7 regular hotel service, breakfast, and other luxuries, vacation rentals bring along a load of benefits.

  1. Cost: Cost of apartments are usually much lower than hotels, as they do not account for the service charges.
  2. Space: Don’t you hate hotel rooms where you can only sleep or walk outside? Apartments usually bring up much more space, including even multiple rooms allowing families to live together rather than in separate rooms.
  3. Facilities: With apartments, you can get your own kitchen with all you need to cook, your own washing machine, and many other things that would both make your stay more convenient, and could prove to be an extra saving as well. Cooking at home would be a lot cheaper than ordering from the hotel restaurant.
  4. Balconies?: While this is not for sure, apartments can have magnificent views from your very own balcony. Something you’re not very likely to get in a hotel.
  5. Quite: From it’s nature, apartments are likely to be less crowded than hotels from my experience, let alone leasing your own home where there is basically only you and your family.
  6. Service: Some apartments even have some kind of service available on a weekly basis, and a hot line to call if you need anything.
  7. Security: Some apartments have very strict securities and 24/7 guards on them, giving you more peace of mind.

Being an apartment leased by an individual sometimes, extra care need to be taken before booking. There are loads of trusted vacation rental sites however, giving you photos, sometimes a virtual tour of the place, and are very professional. My apartment experience at Cardiff Bay Century Wharf from A Space In The City was full of upsides, with few minor exceptions like the slow internet access and the water heater which wasn’t working. There was no cooling system also so for me it’s was too hot, but this seems to be a common thing in Europe and can’t be taken against them. Other than that, we got a large space, 2 tvs, DVD, MP3 Player, washing and drying machine, dish washer, balcony, and the whole complex is surrounded by security measures and access card based outside door.

Other sites that may interest you in seeking an apartment are, which seems really professional, have worldwide apartment listing, and include visitor reviews as well. Another site is Perfect Places, which is less organized but with still some good collection.

To read more about the subject, and get more advise and insight, I strongly recommend you go by the smarter TRAVEL article about the vacation rentals.