Why Travel Now?

Why would anyone choose to travel now instead of the summer travel season? I my self have just gotten back from Istanbul and could easily tell one of the reasons. There is simply no one there. That means by it self several things. For a start it means the city is less crowded, and so are the main tourist attractions. Isn’t it disappointing when you spend thousands of dollars to visit some historic or main attraction, only to be blocked and time wasted by the heavy crowd infront of you? Not only do you enjoy more freedom when traveling now, but you will have less headache in all your ticket, bookings, tour reservations, as they’re likely hunting for customers. We basically booked in the early morning for a hotel pick-up tour that starts at 8:30 AM.

Another reason is, less demand means less price. You are likely to get better rates for all your travel expenses, thus saving extra. The only drawback for people who hate it is the cold winter season. For me it’s an added value actually.

The Independent Traveler have compiled a more detailed list of 10 reasons why it is wise to travel now. What’s your preference?

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