Play your onlines games on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines have announced the starting of inflight wifi testing phase which will run for two months for FREE, and after that, based on customer feedback, the service fees structure will be decided. The testing will be done on some Boeing 737-700s and will be using Row’s 44 satellite-based wifi service. So if you’re traveling in the United States, you may try to get on board of one of these airplanes and get a free wifi experience.

Alaska Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi Internet service can be used inflight on any Wi-Fi enabled device such as laptops, smartphones and MP3 players. The service is currently in the trial phase and will be free for passengers at the start of the service trial. Similar in operation to a high-speed office or home network, Alaska Airlines’ service enables passengers to perform a range of activities, including browsing the Web, accessing online music, games, podcasts and webcasts, and sending

via CrunchGear.

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