Happy New Year

Happy 2009 year to all of you travelers. 2008 has been exciting for us and we look forward to this year with our 2009 resolutions, may God help us achieve them:


  1. Better Hotels Search: We want to maxmimize and improve on the existing hotels search features we have. Make it more accurate, easier to use, and more comprehensive.
  2. New Search Features:  This is something in the brainstorming phase and we can’t give much details about it yet.
  3. Middle-East travelers community: We’re still in the initial phases of 7ojozat Tours, and what we really want is a community site for middle-east travelers. Share their ideas, travel experience, photos, and videos. We also try to keep it up to date with latest travel news and highlights.


What else do you wish to see from 7ojozat.com? Let us have it.

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