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7ojozat Tours


Hi All,

Two years have passed since the launch of hotel search and comparison  service. We are happy to be serving over 100,000 users per month now as we grew over time.  During my last trip however, I figured we travelers get lots of great experiences during our trip, have lots of tips to share, photos and videos to show to the world. We wanna discuss what we did, and what we can do next time.

This has led to the birth of 7ojozat Tours, the community for middle-east travelers. All subscribed travelers there will get their own blog, be able to share photos, videos, events, join in forum discussions, and more. You can already see there tens of photos, some videos, read some articles, news. Basically, we have prepared it all for you to tell us “What You Did Last Summer”. You really don’t have to confess, but we’d love to know all about it!

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