Our search just got smarter!

7ojozat auto-complete

If you’ve been using our hotel search service recently, you may have noticed the new auto-completion feature that would suggest for you famous cities based on your query initials as you start typing. Some reported however that those suggestions are not very helpful as they do not return the most targeted cities. Example is, when you search for Du, as a middle-eastern you would probably expect Dubai to be the first or second result, when it was at the bottom of the list.

We strive to hear such feedback and work hard to imrpove on it. Now, you will start noticing that suggested cities will rank based on their popularity. What defines a city popularity you ask? It’s your very same queries. Cities that are visited most will rank first as the most possible desired destination. So now, you are likely to see cities such as Dubai and Munich on top of others you never heard probably heard of.

We hope you like the new feature, and we would love ot hear back from you any feedback you may have.

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