Companies bidding for world tallest, 1 KM, Jeddah Kingdom Tower

Tallest man-built construction in the world, Burj Khalifa, has not yet celebrated it’s first birthday, and haven’t even yet recovered from the public observation deck shutdown, and Jeddah is already expecting bids on it’s 1 KM tallest Kingdom Tower in the world project on April 14th. When completed, this will be more than 400 m taller than the Makkah Clock Tower opening this August, and over 150 m taller than the tallest Burj Khalifa building.

It’s the war of skyscrapers, and it’s costing a fortune.

[via MEED]

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  • Anthonie

    Brilliant! I am very happy to read about this “”war””, because it will lead to stunning new ways of living, in vertical cities, I think it’s fantastic, and I prefer to call this skyscraper “”war”” not a war but a celebration! Building vertical is building the future, and it will spur technical innovation (light-weight high tensile strength materials, new concrete mixtures and composites)

    I hope the one kilometer threshold will be passed soon, and the next target will be the 1 mile. And some decades in the future, the century old dream of the Space Elevator of Arthur C. Clarke might become reality, opening up Space to all citizens of the world. May the Jeddah Kingdom Tower team succeed in their bold effort, and create a new wonder of the world! Anthonie/ Netherlands

  • Anthonie: Thanks for your enthusiasm :). Unfortunately, I’m yet to see economically feasible high sky scraper. Perhaps that one in Saudi Arabia will for the religious reasons supporting it.

    At any rate, you’re right, it is pushing innovation that might be future feasible