HearPlanet Travel App for your iPhone


HearPlanet iPhone iPod Touch App


HeaPlanet is a travel app for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows you by searching for a city, to find the interesting attractions around you, and if text is too boring, the app will read it for you.

Got an iPhone 3G? Even better. Now the app can automatically detect where you are, and find nearby places for you. The information it’s pulling is heavily dependent on Wikipedia, and in all cases have the source identified at the bottom of the page.

Price? Well last month The Unofficial Apple Weblog reported it was FREE for a week. Now, I can still see it FREE on iTunes App Store page saying:


“Due to our overwhelming success we’ve decided to extend our free promotion a little while longer. Thank you for making HearPlanet one of the most popular downloads in the App Store!”


So, enjoy it while it last :). Here is a video of their coverage at MacWorld 2009, also highlighting how you can voice record yourself and tell the world about the locations you’re most familiar with.

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