Emirates Palace – Abu Dhabi

They must be running out of stars otherwise the Emirates Palace is a master piece in every aspect. I’m not so good at words, so I will let you go through some of the pictures. After all, an image is worth a thousand words.

Emirates Palace


See how large it is and where it is located?

Just like palace in the fairy tales


Emirates Palace


Emirates palace


Emirates Palace
The hotel has three room levels. Palace Suites, Khaleej Suites, and Grand Room. You can look and read about it more at their official site here. You can also try to go through their Virtual Tour.

Remember that you can check this hotel rates here. And the rest of Abu Dhabi hotels as well.

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  • Wow, I’d feel like a princess in those surroundings. It’s amazing what luxury can buy. Life can hardly get better when you have the ability to enjoy this.

  • Monica Mussafah: Yeah, but humans never have enough I guess do they 🙂